Klaviyo LIVE 2020 - Agency Edition

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These presentations are from a 2020 Klaviyo LIVE - Agency Edition events. For up-to-date information about upcoming Klaviyo events, check out our events page.

We're back on the road for the Klaviyo LIVE 2020 World Tour! Klaviyo LIVE is designed to give the partner community hands-on training with Klaviyo's best and brightest. Whether you attended Klaviyo LIVE, can't wait until we come to your city, or just looking for more resources you can find all the resources you need from our presentations.

Interested in attending Klaviyo LIVE and learning directly from the people that build and run Klaviyo every day? Head to our events page to see where we are going next. As always, we're gearing up for Klaviyo: BOS on August 26-27, 2020. Have questions about Klaviyo LIVE? Reach out to us today!


Business Priorities: Partnerships at Klaviyo

Consumers are savvier and have higher expectations than ever around emotional connections with brands. Learn how an owned marketing strategy in 2020 is the key to unlocking highly personalized connections through the channels your clients own so you can grow their business – and how partners are a top priority for Klaviyo in 2020 and beyond.

Own Your Acquisition: Make Relationships

Do you ever wish you could clone a few of your customers' best brand ambassadors? Identifying and maximizing effective acquisition strategies will make you feel like you can. This session reviews list best practices, incentives, and experiences, to optimize your customer acquisition funnel using owned marketing.

Own Your Onboarding: Tips & Tricks for Long- Term Client Success

How do you onboard a client to set them up for success with your agency long term? This session dives into the art of the first impression, cultivating quick wins, and setting your long-term client relationship up for success.

Building for the Future

Klaviyo is innovating and adding valuable features to our platform at a rapid pace. This session dives into our philosophy behind building features and touches on what's to come in 2020 and beyond.

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