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Did you know that last year, our customers saw around a 20% increase in average order value around Valentine's Day? Additionally, we found that shoppers tend to shop at the beginning of the month, one week out, or the day of Valentine’s day. In this guide, we’re going to walk through how to prepare for Valentine’s Day by gathering information about your customers, building key segments, and walking through a schedule of the campaigns you’ll need to be successful on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Checklist

In this guide, we'll walk you through the following checklist:

  1. Personalize the On Site Experience
    • Add a signup form asking for preference information
    • Personalized gift buying quiz
    • Add a popup targeting new customers asking if they want a Valentine's Reminder
  2. Refresh Your Flows
    • Welcome Series 
    • Abandoned Cart / Browse Abandonment
    • Winback
    • Cross Sell
  3. Create the Following Segments
    • Engaged and VIP Customers
    • Last Year's Valentine's Day Purchasers
    • Window Shoppers
    • Valentine's Day Purchasers From This Year
  4. Create a Content Strategy
  5. Create a Content Schedule

Personalize the On Site Experience


Klaviyo makes it easy to gather information about your customers to ensure that you’re sending them content that they care about. Before you start your Valentine’s marketing sends, ask your customers to clue you in on what they're looking to purchase.

Using Signup Forms to Collect Preference Information

If your brand sells different items for men and women, for instance, create a signup form on your site targeted to a segment of customers asking them if they are interested in shopping your men’s or women’s collections for Valentine’s Day.


From there, you can store this information as a profile property and use it later in your marketing communication. For more information, check out this article on using button blocks in your signup forms.

Creating a Quiz to Gather More Information

You can create a quiz through one of our integration partners, like Typeform, and send a personalized gift guide from the results. Say you have a brand that sells different types of bags. You can ask your customers questions about the people they are shopping for like:

  • What collection would they prefer?
  • What is their style?
  • Where will they use this bag most?


From there, you can trigger a flow on someone completing the quiz and send a personalized gift buying recommendation from the information they gave in the quiz. Check out our Typeform Integration so you can build a quiz on your site.

Target New Customers with Countdown Timer

You can put a signup form on your site targeting browsers who are not in your Klaviyo account with a countdown timer asking if they want a reminder of when to shop for Valentine’s Day.


You can then include these shoppers in promotional emails throughout the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. After Valentine’s Day, you can send a special welcome series introducing them to your brand. To do this, create a segment of customers who subscribed to your Valentine's list during your promotion. Then, trigger a flow on someone subscribing to your list, but leave the flow emails in manual mode and send them out after the 14th.



If you implement this idea, turn off any of your normal signup forms and welcome series that could have the same trigger.

Flows to Freshen Before Valentine's Day

Flows make it easy to automate your communication with customers on their schedule. While your flows have more evergreen content than your campaign sends, this may be a good time to touch up your flows so the content is fresh for this year. 

Welcome Series

Because people may be subscribing to your newsletter for the first time during your Valentine’s Day promotion, you’ll want to make sure you have a strong introduction to your brand. Consider splitting your Welcome flow by the information that you gathered from your Valentine’s Day prep to make your emails personalized to the shopper.

Winback and Abandoned Cart Flow

Check to ensure the content in your Winback and Abandoned Cart flows are up-to-date. Not sure where to start? Head to our respective guides for each flow for more information.

Cross Sell Flow

Lastly, take a look at your cross sell flow. Say you sell matching earrings and necklaces and a shopper purchases a necklace. You can trigger a flow based on someone purchasing the necklace and send them an email that encourages them to purchase the earrings as well.


Sprucing up these flows will make your Valentine’s marketing a breeze.

Key Valentine's Day Segments

Identifying the right segments to send to leading up to Valentine's Day will have a big impact on the success of your campaigns and forms. In order to speed up the planning process as you get closer to Valentine’s Day, you should make the following segments in preparation for the holiday.

Segments to Email

VIP Customers

Your VIP is an essential group to include in your marketing so you’ll need this segment year-round. These customers represent those who purchased from you recently, frequently, and at a high value. For our business, we're defining frequent as placed an order at least 3 times, and recent as in the last 16 weeks. These numbers will vary depending on the types of products you sell, but this is a good starting point.

We are also targeting customers who have spent at least triple our average order value ($100). To calculate your business' average order value, check out this article.


Likely Women Segment

This segment consists of customers who have told you they are interested in your women’s collection or people who are likely women based on Klaviyo’s predicted gender model and excludes customers who have told you they’re only interested in your men’s collection. This is a good group to target with your Galentine's promotional emails.


Last Year's Valentine's Day Purchasers

This is someone who shopped in the month leading up to Valentine's Day from the prior year. This is a good group to target to ensure that they are aware of the sales you're promoting.


Window Shoppers

This segment includes people who have displayed an interest in your brand but haven't actually made a purchase yet. This is a good group to target heavily during the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. Consider offering them a higher discount to push them towards making their first purchase.


Segments to Exclude

Valentine's Day Purchasers

This isn't a group of customers that you should send to, but rather one that you should exclude from some of your campaigns. This segment will include anyone who places an order within a month of Valentine's Day so we don't email a customer too much. It's also useful to keep an eye on this group for analytics purposes and to gauge how many people are purchasing compared with last year.

While you can create a segment of people who purchased in the month leading up to Valentine's Day, it's not the most accurate as a customer may be shopping something completely unrelated to the holiday and want your marketing. The best way to create this group is to create a Valentine's Day collection on your site so you can identify people who bought from this collection in the last 30 days. Again, from business to business this may differ, but below is an example segment that you can create.


Valentine's Day Strategy

Valentine's Content Strategy

After you’ve gathered information and freshened up your flows, you’ll want to start building out your Valentine’s content and sending strategies. When it comes to your content strategy, consider using our show/hide blocks feature. This will allow you to send out personalized emails to each customer. For instance, your customers who are interested in purchasing from your women’s collection will see an image featuring those items at the top of your email while all others will feature items from your men’s collection.


Valentine's Sending Strategy

While we give a suggested sending strategy, it’s important to consider the sending cadence that you typically have for your brand. If you are a daily sender, you might want to start promoting Valentine’s Day a bit later so your messaging doesn’t get stale. On the other hand, if you’re a weekly sender, consider promoting Valentine’s Day two weeks in advance. No matter the brand, start your Valentine’s Day promotion between 7 and 15 days out. This will ensure that customers have ample time to receive the items they purchased to give on Valentine’s Day. As the date approaches, you can market expedited shipping and items that don’t require shipping, like gift cards. 


February 1


Introduce Valentine's Day promotions and include different gift ideas as the focal point of the email. If can you're creating a quiz, you can promote it here. 

Include Exclude
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Window shoppers
  • VIP customers
  • Last year's Valentine's Day purchasers
  • Unengaged Customers
  • Non-opted-in contacts

February 3


Invite your VIP customers to an early access sale or promotion. If you're running a Valentine's Day sale, offer them a unique coupon code. If not, consider offering them something else, like free shipping or a gift with purchase. This is a great way to foster loyalty amongst your best customers.

Include Exclude
  • VIP customers
  • Non-opted-in contacts

February 7


Continue reminding shoppers of your Valentine's Day promotions. This is a great email to use the preference information you collected from the lead up to Valentine's Day to cater the email to product and purchase preferences. Additionally, build urgency by including a countdown timer. Include a link to the gift guide quiz to display to customers who haven't yet completed the form.

You may want to include a similar message in your social media campaigns. Additionally, you could create a lookalike audience based on people who purchased this year or last year to target new, similar prospects.

Include Exclude
  • Your newsletter list
  • Window shoppers
  • VIP customers
  • Last year's Valentine's Day purchasers
  • Non-opted-in contacts

February 8


If you have a large number of your customer base who are women, consider sending a Galentine's Day promotional email encouraging them to shop for their friends. 

Include Exclude
  • Likely women
  • Non-opted-in EU contacts

February 10 (Or the last day to buy online)


Send a reminder email that lets customers know this is the last day to buy to receive their gift in time for Valentine's Day with standard shipping. You can also send a later reminder email to your window shoppers and VIPs offering them free 2-day shipping so they can receive their item before the weekend.

Include Exclude
  • Your newsletter list
  • Window shoppers
  • VIP customers
  • Last year's Valentine's Day purchasers
  • Non-opted-in contacts
  • Valentine's Day purchasers

February 12


Send a last-chance reminder email to everyone. This email should contain a sense of urgency to encourage people to head to your site to make a purchase. You can highlight items like gift cards that do not require shipping and offers like overnight or 2-day shipping. If you have brick-and-mortar stores, you could consider promoting in-store sales.

Include Exclude
  • Your newsletter list
  • Window shoppers
  • VIP customers
  • Last year's Valentine's Day purchasers
  • Non-opted-in contacts
  • Valentine's Day purchasers

February 13

Galentines Day.png

Email your likely women segment again wishing them a happy Galentine's Day. If you sell gift cards, introduce this as an option for last-minute shoppers to send to their friends.

Include Exclude
  • Likely women
  • Non-opted-in contacts
  • Valentine's Day purchasers 

February 14


Wish your subscribers a happy Valentines's Day. This is a great place to tell your customers why you love them to foster brand loyalty. 

Include Exclude
  • Your newsletter list
  • VIP customers
  • Non-opted-in contacts
  • Valentine's Day purchasers


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