How to Create a Signup Form from the Form Library

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Learn how to create a beautiful, well-designed form using a template from Klaviyo’s Form Library. Klaviyo’s Form Library contains signup form templates that follow data-based best practices, so you can create an impactful, high-converting signup experience for your site visitors. 

Create a Form from the Form Library

First, navigate to the Signup Forms tab and click Create Signup Form

If this is your first Klaviyo signup form, access the Form Library by navigating to the Signup Forms tab and scrolling down to the Browse Templates section. 

Browse the library and select the form that you would like to use. If you prefer to create your own brand new form, click Build from Scratch. Otherwise, you can sort by the following to narrow your search:

  • Type
    Choose between popup, flyout, or embedded forms
  • Goal
    Form goals include: 
    • Collect Emails
      Forms that collect email consent
    • Collect Phone Numbers
      Forms that collect SMS consent
    • Email & Numbers
      Forms that collect both email and SMS consent, potentially in a multi-step form
    • Announcements
      Forms that announce a sale, VIP program, or special offer, without necessarily collecting consent for a marketing channel 
    • Know Your Customer
      Forms that ask a visitor about their interests, so you can create a more targeted marketing experience

Once you’ve found a form template that meets your needs, click on it. In the following modal, name your form and select a list to add subscribers to (for email and SMS forms).

Once you've named the form and selected the correct list (if applicable), click Create Form. Your form will open in the Signup Form Builder, where you can further customize its appearance, form fields, and behavior.

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