OCU OneClickUpsell Integration



OneClickUpsell (OCU) is an app by Zipify that helps you create post-purchase upsells in your Shopify store. When OneClickUpsell is installed, customers experience a customized checkout process where they are offered an upsell after they complete a purchase. If they reject the upsell, they are offered a downsell.

A OCU-Klaviyo integration allows you to pull OCU checkout data and customer information directly into your Klaviyo account.

Integration Instructions

While Klaviyo does not have a built-in integration with OCU, you can still integrate your OCU account with Klaviyo. This is possible via an integration available through OCU.

You can view instructions for integrating Klaviyo with OCU on Zipify's help site.

Use Your OCU Data in Klaviyo

Klaviyo makes it easy to leverage OCU data by providing a pre-built abandoned cart flow which is customized for your OCU data.  The OCU Abandoned Cart Reminder flow is available in your flow library and is intended to replace your standard Shopify Abandoned Cart series.

Read about enabling Klaviyo's OCU Abandoned Cart flow in Zipify's help center: Setting Up Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Flow + Email

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