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Businesses use Nosto to create a customized shopping experience for their customers. When you integrate Nosto with Klaviyo, Nosto data can be used to create hyper-personalized segments, campaigns, and flows in Klaviyo. You'll also be able to use Nosto data to populate Klaviyo emails with personalized, dynamic content. While Klaviyo doesn't have a built-in integration with Nosto, it's possible to sync accounts through an integration built by Nosto.

The Nosto integration works by first connecting Nosto to Klaviyo. Then individual Nosto segments are synced to a Klaviyo list called Nosto Customers

Nosto updates their Klaviyo sync twice a day, once every 12 hours.

This guide will walk you through integrating with Nosto. You'll also get a detailed look at the data sync and some examples on how you can use Nosto data to create personalized emails in Klaviyo. 

Connect Nosto to Klaviyo

First, you'll need to generate a private API Key in Klaviyo. Log into your Klaviyo account. Then click your Account Name on the upper right, and choose Account. From the Settings dropdown, choose API Keys.


Select Create API Key. You can label the API Key for clarity.


Copy the API Key and head over to Nosto. In your Nosto account, navigate to Settings > Integrations. Scroll down to find Klaviyo, and then click Integrate.

Paste your Private API key into the Token field, then click Submit.

Review Nosto's instructions then click Ok.

These are Nosto's instructions: The integration will upload all email addresses processed by Nosto to Klaviyo by creating a new address book within the next 1-24 hours. 

The integration will not create duplicate entries or overwrite any data associated with existing contacts. The integration does not include marketing consent (opt-in / opt-out) detail for contacts, but will only add a segment name as the contact property. Marketing consent property will be left either empty for new contacts. 

Before activating the integration, please make sure that Klaviyo doesn’t automatically dispatch emails when new emails or address books are uploaded and created. These are typically daily enrolling emails or automated messages when a new contact joins an address book. Please review that emails are not sent when marketing consent is left empty/unknown and also note that the rules might differ from your default configuration as emails are uploaded by leveraging Klaviyo API. 

Click OK to confirm. After confirmation, the integration will create a list in Klaviyo called Nosto Customers, which is where Nosto leads will be added to.
Now it's time to sync individual Nosto segments with Klaviyo.

Sync Nosto Segments to Klaviyo

Once your Nosto integration is intact, you can sync individual segments to Klaviyo. As leads are added to synced segments your Nosto Customers list will grow.

In Nosto, navigate to Segmentation & Insights, and choose the pen icon associated with a segment.
Scroll down to find Klaviyo within the Integrations section. Then toggle Synchronize this segment to enable the sync.

Emails within the Nosto segment will be synced to Klaviyo within 1 hour. 

During the first segment sync, a new list called Nosto Customers will be created in Klaviyo to receive Nosto contacts.


What Data Syncs to Klaviyo

Nosto lead email addresses are collected when contacts log into your store, complete a purchase, or signup through a Nosto pop-up form. Nosto syncs email addresses to Klaviyo twice a day, every 12 hours. Contacts are added or removed to the Nosto Customers list when: 

  • New contacts are added to the segment
  • Contacts move from one Nosto segment to another
  • Contacts are removed from a Nosto segment
  • Contacts are completely removed from Nosto
  • Duplicate contacts will not be created in Klaviyo.

Each contact is synced with related profile data: 

  • Email address
  • nosto_segment: this is a custom property that can be used to create targeted customer communication (email, facebook) in Klaviyo. The value attached to nosto_segment is identical to the segment name created in Nosto. 
  • Marketing consent opt-in: Nosto does not sync marketing consent properties to Klaviyo, nor will it change an existing profile's consent status.

Visit Nosto's Help Center for more information about the Nosto integration.

How to Use the Nosto Integration

Nosto data can be used to create a personalized correspondence in Klaviyo. Segment your customers based on Nosto intelligence, and send them targeted newsletters, seasonal campaigns, product launches, and sales alerts. You can also create custom product feeds and email content based on Nosto intelligence. Here are examples of what you can do with Nosto data in Klaviyo:

Create a Campaign using Nosto Data

In this example we're focusing on customers who like whole bean coffee, so we've added a custom segment in Nosto which identifies customers based on affinity behavior called Category affinity: Whole_Bean segment. We'll create a Klaviyo campaign targeting those customers who prefer whole bean coffee.

  1. We've integrated Nosto with our ecommerce store, and Nosto has been collecting email addresses and segmenting them automatically. One of the segments we've created in Nosto is Category affinity: Whole_Bean which identifies leads who demonstrate an affinity toward our store's category: Whole Bean Coffee. 
  2. Nosto leads are synced to the Klaviyo list Nosto Customers. Each lead is synced with an email address and a custom field called nosto_segments. We've synced the Nosto segment Category affinity: Whole_Bean to Klaviyo, which syncs leads with the property nosto_segment value: Category affinity: Whole_Bean. Notice that nosto_segment's property value is equivalent to the Nosto segment name.
  3. View your Nosto Customers list to confirm that emails are being synced into Klaviyo.
  4. Create a segment in Klaviyo for customers who like whole bean coffee. This translates into a segment with the following definition: Properties about someone: nosto_segments: contains: Category affinity: Whole_Bean
  5. Create campaigns featuring your whole bean coffee products, and send them to the segment: Nosto Category affinity: Whole_bean

Create a Flow using Nosto Data 

Any Klaviyo email can be hyper-personalized using Nosto's segment data. For example, you can create a Customer Thank You flow, which display products your customers prefer and hide products they do not. We'll accomplish this by creating product blocks with dynamic variables that reference nosto_segment

  1. In Klaviyo, navigate to your Flows tab, and open your Customer Thank You flow.
  2. Edit a flow email.
  3. Drag a Product block into your email.
  4. Click to highlight the product block and expand Product Block settings. This is where we'll set up a filter so that the product block displays if the customer belongs to the nosto_segment: Product affinity: Whole_Bean, and hide the product block if the customer is not. Click ? next Product Block settings.
  5. Make sure the filter settings are On, and type in the following condition:
    person|lookup:'nosto_segment' = 'Product affinity: Whole_Bean'
    This condition instructs Klaviyo to look in the person's profile for the property 'nosto_segment' which is equivalent to the value 'Product affinity: Whole_Bean' .

Based on these settings, the product block is displayed when a person has the profile property 'nosto_segment'='Product affinity: Whole_Bean,' and is hidden when the person does not.

For more information, head over to the article: Using the Show/Hide Block Feature to Personalize Your Emails

Use Nosto Email Widgets

Nosto Email Widgets can be embedded into Klaviyo emails to populate your emails with customized product recommendations based on Nosto algorithms. 

Getting Help

Since Nosto built the Nosto+Klaviyo integration, they're the goto folks to help with this sync. Just reach out to Nosto Support, and they'll be happy to help!

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