Advanced Targeting Webinar

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This is a recording of the webinar about how to use advanced targeting in your account. In this webinar, we covered:

  • Basic Targeting
  • Resources
  • Re-engaging VIPs who have lapsed
  • A/B Testing a Form
  • Third Party Targeting
  • Q&A with Customer Success Manager




Additional Resources


Would you recommend the lapse VIP campaign to contain some sort of miss you messaging or is that too creepy?

Messaging like this is definitely encouraged with your VIPs. If someone has not purchased from you, it may not be the best to send them an email saying you miss them.

What type of segments should be created within Klaviyo for email campaigns? Example: VIP list, unengaged VIP list, etc.

Check out this article on Creating Customer Engagement Tiers for inspiration. For segmentation basics, check out our Guide to Creating Segments.

Is It possible to have custom audiences in Facebook based on segments?

Yes! Most of the suggestions listed in this webinar rely on syncing a segment to Facebook.

How can I get data from my audience to create better emails?

There are a few ways you can do that. You can either ask your customers for more information on signup forms or you can Use Buttons in an Email to Collect Information About Your Recipients.

When sending a campaign that targets all customers, is there a benefit of choosing segments over just sending it to your entire contact list?

Your customers are unique. Segmentation allows you to deliver different, personalized messaging to each of your customers making them more likely to convert and become a brand enthusiast versus a one-time shopper. Want the data to back it up? Check out our Segmentation Benchmark Report.

Will split testing be available on Klaviyo popups soon?

It's on our feature radar!

Is the split testing available in all countries?

There doesn't seem to be an exception for Facebook split testing.

If we already have their emails, why do we want them to resubmit their email through the signup form?

When someone submits their email they can enter a new list that triggers a flow. You can have your language reflect that on the signup form (i.e. Join to receive an exclusive deal), as well as selecting the option that will autofill their email address.

Why can you not back-populate a flow with a dynamic coupon?

While this is not currently something that you can do, the product team is aware of the limitations posed.

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