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Klaviyo helps ecommerce brands grow their businesses fast and build quality relationships with customers at scale. We enable ecommerce businesses to leverage their customer data and use their owned marketing channels (that is, the channels that give them the greatest control) to provide a truly personalized customer experience.

Whether you’re enthusiastic about Klaviyo and want to be rewarded for introducing new businesses to our platform, or an agency who wants to provide marketing services for current and prospective Klaviyo customers — the Klaviyo Partner Program is an opportunity to grow your business, while helping other businesses achieve their goals through the use of Klaviyo.

Learn more about our Partner Programs:

  • Influencer Program
  • Agency Program 

Influencer Program Overview

This program is designed for Klaviyo brand evangelists, retailers, influencers, and others that believe in Klaviyo's platform. Klaviyo Influencers are enthusiastic about introducing new businesses to Klaviyo--and receiving compensation for those introductions--but their involvement typically ends after the introduction.

The goal of the Klaviyo Influencer program is to recognize and reward the ecosystem of partners that help drive the conversation businesses of all sizes are having about growth and, in particular, ways to leverage technology to grow faster.

Requirements & Benefit Details


Agency Program Overview

We designed the Klaviyo Agency Program to recognize, grow, and reward agencies and consultants while helping to grow the businesses of our mutual clients.

Klaviyo’s Agency Program has two tracks: Klaviyo Advisors and Klaviyo Masters. Based on the services you provide and how you work with our mutual customers, you’ll receive benefits, training, and a partner experience tailored to your track.

Agency Partner Tracks

Klaviyo Advisors

Klaviyo’s Advisors track is for agencies that provide complementary marketing services to current and prospective Klaviyo customers. Complementary marketing services include but are not limited to SEO, SEM, Facebook Ad Management, Web Development, Web Design UI/UX, CRO, Amazon Channel Management, Creative Design, Strategic Consulting, Brand development, Content Creation (Copywriting, Photography, Videography), System migrations and integrations, etc.

Advisor Track | Requirements & Benefits Matrix



Klaviyo Masters

Klaviyo’s Masters track is for agencies and consultants who provide their clients with all aspects of email marketing services. These services include but are not limited to strategic guidance, technical support, and superior implementation.

Master Track | Requirements & Benefits Matrix



Track / Tier Review Cycles

Bi-annually, in January and July, we will facilitate a track and tiering evaluation. During this evaluation, we will adjust agency tiers in the program based on the state of the partnership, including the highest managed MRR achieved in the trailing 6 months and the 12 months trailing referred MRR.

  • Klaviyo Advisors: You will be up-tiered or down-tiered based on the designated MRR referral requirements for the trailing 12 months at the time of the evaluation. You will begin receiving the benefits associated with the newly awarded tier by the 15th of the tiering evaluation month.
  • Klaviyo Masters: You will be up-tiered or down-tiered if you meet or exceed the designated MRR referred OR MRR managed requirements for silver or gold within the trailing 12 months sold MRR for referred and the trailing 6 months prior to the evaluation period for MRR Managed. In order to reach platinum status, you must meet both the MRR referred and MRR managed thresholds.

Requirements and Benefits


Program Acceptance 

The process for applying to Klaviyo’s Agency Program is as follows:

  • Submit your partner application.
    • Head to the application
    • Fill out the application with accurate information about your business and provide the necessary financial information to receive revenue share payments.
    • Once your application has been received, Klaviyo will contact you to review your application and discuss the remaining required actions to be accepted into the program.
    • We’ll review all applications within five business days.
  • Submit a qualified lead with an email list of 3,000+ contacts OR submit an SOW (Statement of Work) for a Klaviyo customer you’re currently working with as a client.
  • Schedule and have an onboarding call with a Klaviyo partner onboarding specialist who will walk through an onboarding checklist, training requirements, and ensure your team is set up for success.
  • Complete the onboarding training.

Applying to be a Partner FAQs

How long does the application process take?
The application will be reviewed and processed within 5 business days.

Once my application is approved, what happens next?
Once your application is approved, you’ll be considered a Klaviyo Partner Prospect. As a prospect, you receive private access to Klaviyo’s online partner portal (to submit any leads, register your managed client accounts, and access the necessary training). You’ll also be contacted by a Klaviyo partner onboarding specialist who will schedule an initial onboarding call to ensure you’re set up for success.

Why would my application be denied?
An application may be denied in the event an applicant does not include required or accurate information, an applicant is not responsive to scheduling an onboarding conversation, or if an applicant’s business is not a fit for the program. If you believe your application was denied in error, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to review and assist you.

Contractual Obligations

All partners must acknowledge the Partner Program Agreement. Program guidelines and rules of engagement are included within the Agreement.

Klaviyo Training Requirements

  • Once you're accepted into the Klaviyo Partner Program, you'll receive a login in for the track-specific training within two business days. You can find a link to the Klaviyo Partner Training system within the Partner Portal.
  • Training includes a series of modules and quizzes about the Klaviyo product, vision, and strategic best practices.
  • At least one (1) employee from your company must complete all modules and quizzes associated with your respective track to ensure you’re recognized as a Klaviyo Partner.

MRR Referral Requirements

  • Klaviyo considers a variety of factors when accepting or rejecting leads, including, but not limited to:
    • Timeliness of a partner’s submission of the lead
    • Depth of a partner’s relationship with a lead
    • Communication of accurate information about the lead by the partner
    • Existence of a prior, active Klaviyo sales relationship with the lead
  • Leads are only valid for 90 days from the date of registration and must become Klaviyo customers during that time in order for referral credit to be awarded.
  • To up-tier your partner status, the lookback period for referred business in the past 12 months. You must achieve the respective revenue requirement within a rolling calendar year. Learn more about track/tier review cycles.

MRR Managed Requirements

  • A Managed Customer is a Klaviyo account that has committed to receiving at least six month's worth of services from your agency. It includes, but is not limited to, the management of email marketing activities in the customer's Klaviyo account.
  • For Klaviyo to recognize your agency as managing an account, we’ll need the Klaviyo account ID, proof of services provided, length of the service's commitment, and the appropriate points of contact from both the customer and the agency for any necessary follow-up.
    • The proof of services should be a document outlining the scope of work (SOW), retainer agreement, or any formal services agreement between the agency and the Klaviyo customer. The document should include:
      • Services provided
      • Contracted services length
      • Client signature/proof of client consent should be signed/approved by the client.
    • Services should, at a minimum, include management of a Klaviyo account and be at least six months in duration.

Managed Accounts Review

A member of the Klaviyo team may reach out to the customer to confirm the managed services provided by the agency. If needed, the agency will be contacted first and will be provided 24 hours notice prior to Klaviyo reaching out to the customer. Subject to any required notice period, Klaviyo reserves the right to contact a customer for feedback on their Klaviyo experience, to verify the customer’s services with the respective agency, or to secure brand approvals for marketing purposes.

Sales Lead Acceptance

Partners must submit a minimum number of lead referrals bi-annually to maintain partner status. The minimum number of leads is noted in the requirements of the desired tier.

Klaviyo Advocate/Referral

Advocating and serving as a point of reference for Klaviyo to prospective or existing customers or partners are required for Gold or Platinum partners.

Quarterly Growth Review

Quarterly Growth Reviews (QGRs) are a great way for Klaviyo and our agency partners to collaborate, understand each other's businesses, and build a plan to help us best work together to achieve desired goals. QGRs are required for agencies that have achieved Gold status or higher.


Online Training Programs

You’ll receive access to free online training tailored to your track and it can be taken by anyone within your organization. Klaviyo will update training within the training portal and release new content when it’s available.

Unique Affiliate Link

You’ll receive a unique link to share with your clients and prospective customers, which they can use to sign up for a Klaviyo account. If someone uses your unique link to sign up for a Klaviyo account and purchases services within 90 days, their MRR will be automatically attributed to your MRR requirements.

Partner Portal Access

Once you’ve submitted your application, you receive access to the Klaviyo Partner Portal. This portal is your online dashboard for lead referrals, resources, and Klaviyo news.
For more details about the portal and how to navigate, please visit the partner portal guide.

Partner Slack Channel

Connect with a community of hundreds of agency partners around the world to share best practices, ask burning questions, and be the first to hear about Klaviyo updates. Upon acceptance into the Klaviyo Agency Program, you will receive a link to join the community.

Complimentary Klaviyo:BOS tickets

Klaviyo:BOS is our annual customer conference that provides attendees with a first look at product announcements, an opportunity to network with Klaviyo leaders, and actionable takeaways that can be used for clients as soon as the conference ends.

Please note Klaviyo:BOS is a place for customers to learn and grow. These tickets should not be used as an opportunity to pitch your services. We advise partners to send strategists and subject matter experts who can help attendees make the most of their experience. Your supportive expertise will credibly showcase your services.

Klaviyo Partner Directory

Klaviyo does not sell services, nor do we represent the breadth of services our partners provide. The Klaviyo Partner Directory is the easiest way for Klaviyo customers to find agencies or consultants to help their brand grow. Each partner’s page should be completed and maintained by the partner.

Leads from Klaviyo

We do our best to prioritize leads to top tiered partners, we recommend agencies to our customers based on customers' unique needs as they relate to partners' service offerings. The partner directory is also a great way to receive leads from Klaviyo.

Klaviyo Partner Badge

Each partner will receive a logo kit to designate your standing within the Klaviyo Agency Program. Use it on your website and other marketing materials to represent your partnership with Klaviyo.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Klaviyo Agency Partners have the opportunity to be considered for co-marketing activities. These may include:

  • blog articles
  • Sponsored events
  • Webinars
  • Case studies

Klaviyo will also financially support partner-executed lead generation activities on a case-by-case basis. For example, Klaviyo will pay for your badge to attend a conference if you plan to promote and/or speak about Klaviyo. The Klaviyo team will review all co-marketing requests and approval will be based on projected ROI, business priorities, and the partner’s standing within the Agency Program.
To request co-marketing activities, please fill out the co-marketing request form.

Product Roadmap Session

Klaviyo provides you with a first look at upcoming product enhancements, new features, and innovative ways to leverage Klaviyo for your clients. These roadmap sessions occur during partner town halls, agency workshops, and other Klaviyo-sponsored events.

Dedicated IP Pools

Upon request, Klaviyo will provide eligible partners with the exclusive benefit of dedicated IP pool infrastructure for their clients. This will allow agencies to manage email sending reputation between all clients on a dedicated IP managed solely by the agency.

Agencies are eligible for a dedicated IP pool based on their tier status. The requirements include:

  • All Klaviyo clients managed by the agency must be moved to the dedicated IP pool with the exception of clients on their own dedicated infrastructure.
  • Onboarding and offboarding plans must be established and approved by the agency and Channel Customer Success Manager.

For more information and to start utilizing a dedicated IP, contact the partner team.

Priority Support Access

Klaviyo Agency Partners have priority access to our team of product experts via a partners-only email alias. Product experts will help you with troubleshooting, technical questions, and account configurations (opt-in changes, allowlisting, currency changes, etc.).

Dedicated Channel Account Management

Klaviyo provides a dedicated Channel Account Manager to facilitate your growth within the Partner Program. This individual will support co-marketing activities, train your team to sell Klaviyo, and provide you with the tools and resources needed to be successful in the program.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

A dedicated Channel Customer Success Manager will provide you with Klaviyo product expertise and strategic guidance related to client on-boarding, adopting new features, and best practices for ongoing client success.

MRR Referred Revenue Share

In the Influencer Program, once the lead you refer (1) becomes a customer and (2) has accrued four subscription months of billing, Klaviyo will pay a one-time referral fee based on a percentage of the total accrued business. Payments are processed within sixty (60) days of the fully-accrued business date.

In the Agency Program, when your referred lead becomes a paying Klaviyo customer, you will be paid a percentage of the MRR for a specified period of time. The percentage and period of time are determined by the partner's tier status at the time the lead is accepted. Payments are processed within forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar quarter.

MRR Managed Revenue Share

For every submitted and approved Klaviyo account you’re actively managing, you will be paid a percentage of that account’s MRR for an indefinite time period. The payout percentage is determined by your status at the time of the payment period. Payments are processed within forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar year

System and Resources 

Klaviyo Training

All accepted partners will have access to training content for their organization. Within the learning management solution, Klaviyo will update content frequently. Partners should expect to use this resource as a way to train their team and learn about new feature releases.

Getting Access

Once accepted into the partner program, an automated email will be sent from the learning management solution providing access. Access will be granted to the primary contact.

Additional Logins

The partner can access more logins by simply writing to and providing the following information, Name and Email address.

Training Requirements by Track

Klaviyo is committed to the enablement and success of our partners. To ensure each partner is equipped with the tools and training they need to provide superior services for their clients, based on their role within the partner community, the following curricula are required for each track:

Advisor Track
The curriculum for the advisors track provides a high-level overview of Klaviyo as a product and why the platform is the best choice for your clients. These courses also include a recorded product demo and messaging best practices.

Masters Track
The curriculum for the Masters track provides a deep understanding of the product and how to successfully manage and support your clients’ accounts. This track is required to complete the Advisors courses as well.

Partner Portal

The portal is your one-stop resource for everything you need to know about your Klaviyo partnership. Below is an overview of the portal and where you can access all of the new features.


Partner Overview
Once logged in, the homepage displays the agency tier and attributed MRR. Any questions regarding tier requirements and benefits, please check out the Partner Program tab!


Partner Training

You can access the Partner Training on the left-hand navigation and directly from the dashboard. Learn how to market, sell and grow your agency with Klaviyo. Here you can find courses on setting flows, segmenting, and much more!



Important information and Klaviyo news will be regularly updated to keep you in the know. Never miss out on any archived articles by going into the What’s New tab.


Quick Links

The Quick Links feature on the dashboard makes it fast and easy to submit a lead. For common inquiries browse the Partner FAQ which lives under the Resource Center tab.


Recent Activity

The most recent leads and accounts attributed to your agency can be seen on the bottom of the dashboard. This is a preview of the Pipeline tab.


Pipeline and Payouts


The Pipeline tab contains everything you need to know about Submitted Deal Registrations, Open Pipeline, Closed Won, and Rejected Deal Registrations.

Use the Register a New Lead button to submit your deal registration to ensure credit towards your account. As a reminder, Klaviyo lead registration expires after 90 days.


Managed Customers - Masters Track Only

As a Klaviyo Master, you are also eligible to submit a managed client for additional benefits. A "Managed Customer" is defined as a Klaviyo account where the agency providing services for, at minimum, 6 months in length, and includes but is not limited to the management of marketing activities in the Klaviyo account. For any questions about the “Managed Customers” feature please reference the Recourse Center – Partner FAQ.



The Payouts tab gives you insight into your quarterly revenue. Under the Payment Information button, you will find:

  • MRR Attributed to Agency in Last 12 Months
  • Date of Most Recent Referred Customer
  • Partner Rev Share Payment Method
  • Partner Payment Form Link


Partner Directory

System Overview
A benefit of being a part of the Agency Program is listing your agency within Klaviyo’s partner directory. Whether you have email, search engine marketing, development, or creative services; Klaviyo wants to help you to promote your services! The Klaviyo directory is available to those partners who have achieved a gold or platinum status.


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