2021-2022 Partner Program Requirements & Benefits

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Klaviyo helps ecommerce brands grow their businesses fast and build quality relationships with customers at scale. Ecommerce businesses can leverage their customer data and use their owned marketing channels, the channels that give them the greatest control, to provide a truly personalized customer experience.

Whether you’re enthusiastic about Klaviyo and want to be rewarded for introducing new businesses to our platform, or an agency who wants to provide marketing services for current and prospective Klaviyo customers — the Klaviyo Partner Program is an opportunity to grow your business, while helping other businesses achieve their goals through the use of Klaviyo.

Advisor Partners

For partners who provide marketing services, but are not actively or directly managing clients’ Klaviyo accounts, the Advisor path is where you’ll start. If you have managed accounts and reach or exceed the tier thresholds, you will automatically be re-tiered as a Master partner.



Master Partners

Master Partners provide Klaviyo email marketing services on behalf of our mutual customers. This track requires partners to acknowledge the accounts they are managing and client confirmation. Email marketing services may include but are not limited to strategic guidance, technical support, and superior implementation.



Elite Master Qualification Details

The partner must meet or exceed the threshold requirements to be considered for invitation to this tier. Invitation to the Elite Tier will be based categories such as:

  • Leadership Alignment
  • Klaviyo Expertise
  • Product Utilization & Adoption
  • Client Account Health

Program Requirements

Application Approval

To be approved as a Klaviyo partner, we ask that you first tell us about your business by filling out our partner application. We use this to learn about the services you offer, other technologies you work with, client types, etc. This information helps us determine whether our program is a good fit for your organization; and if so, helps us align our resources to ensure our partnership is set up for success on day one.

How long does the application process take?

After submission, the application will be reviewed and processed between 2-5 business days.

Once my application is approved, what happens next?

Once your application is approved, you’ll be considered a Klaviyo Partner Prospect. As a prospect, you receive private access to Klaviyo’s online partner portal (to submit any leads, register your managed client accounts, and access the necessary training). You’ll also be contacted by a Klaviyo partner onboarding specialist who will schedule an initial onboarding call to ensure you’re set up for success.

Why would my application be denied?

An application may be denied in the event an applicant does not include required or accurate information, an applicant is not responsive to scheduling an onboarding conversation, or if an applicant’s business is not a fit for the program. If you believe your application was denied in error, please reach out to partners@klaviyo.com and we’ll be happy to review and assist you.

Signed Partner Agreement

All partners must acknowledge the Partner Program Agreement. Program guidelines and rules of engagement are included within the agreement.

Onboarding Webinar

A Klaviyo partner onboarding specialist will walk you through an onboarding checklist, training requirements, and ensure your team is set up for success.

Klaviyo Partner Certification

The Klaviyo Partner Certification is designed for your agency to learn about the resources you have and how you can find success as a Klaviyo Partner. You’ll learn about partner-specific tools, ways to up-skill your team, and how to position Klaviyo as a solution to prospects and clients. Each partner must have at least one employee receive an 80% or above to pass.

Klaviyo Product Certification

This certification is designed to familiarize you with Klaviyo so that you are empowered to make the most out of your clients’ marketing strategy. Throughout the certification you’ll dive into how to optimize communication style for different audience segments, learn about design best practices, and explore marketing strategies that will help you gain confidence in using Klaviyo. There will be a required assessment at the conclusion of the course. Each partner must have at least one employee receive an 80% or above to pass.

Minimum MRR Referred

Klaviyo considers a variety of factors when accepting or rejecting leads, including, but not limited to:

  • Timeliness of a partner’s submission of the lead
  • Depth of a partner’s relationship with a lead
  • Communication of accurate information about the lead by the partner
  • Existence of a prior, active Klaviyo sales relationship with the lead

Leads are only valid for 90 days from the date of registration and must become Klaviyo customers during that time in order for referral credit to be awarded.

For tier status evaluation, the trailing 12 months of MRR referred will be considered.

Minimum MRR Managed

A Managed Customer is a Klaviyo account that has confirmed they are receiving email marketing services from your agency. It includes, but is not limited to, the management of email marketing activities in the customer’s Klaviyo account.

For Klaviyo to recognize your agency as managing an account, we require that you submit your “Managed Customers” in the Klaviyo Partner Portal. Submitting a “Managed Customer” requires agencies to provide the Klaviyo Public API key and the customer contact information. Once submitted, we email your client directly to confirm your agency’s management. Once confirmed, the account will then be recognized as managed.

Visibility of Klaviyo Brand on Website

Partners who have achieved Gold tier or higher are required to mention Klaviyo on their website. This acknowledgement of our partnership may come in the form of a case study, inclusion of the partner tier badge or Klaviyo logo among other partners’ logos, or a dedicated landing page that outlines the Klaviyo product and related services.

Program Benefits

Partner Academy

Klaviyo’s Partner Academy is where you can access free, on-demand courses and certifications to up-skill your team. This is the destination to level up on the Klaviyo product and strategies on how to sell Klaviyo to prospective clients and strategize with existing ones. You can access Partner Academy through the partner portal.

Unique Affiliate Link

You’ll receive a unique link to share with your clients and prospective customers, which they can use to sign up for a Klaviyo account. If someone uses your unique link to sign up for a Klaviyo account and converts to a paid account within 90 days, their MRR will be automatically attributed to your MRR requirements.

Partner Portal Access

Once you’ve submitted your application and you’ve been accepted into the program, you can register for the Klaviyo Partner Portal. This portal is your online dashboard for lead referrals, partner-specific resources, and Klaviyo news.

Partner Slack Community

Connect with a community of thousands of agency partners from around the world to share best practices, ask questions, and be the first to hear about Klaviyo updates. Upon acceptance into the Klaviyo Agency Program, you will receive a link to join the community.

Access to Klaviyo Leadership

As a Klaviyo partner, you will have access to Klaviyo leadership in a variety of ways. From exclusive partner webinars and roundtables, to beta testing opportunities with departmental leaders, to product roadmap sessions — we value our partner’s perspective and are always looking to involve you in the conversation internally.

Revenue Share Percentage of Referred Accounts

When a referred lead becomes a paying Klaviyo customer, you will be paid a percentage of the MRR for a specified period of time. The percentage and period of time are determined by tier status at the time the lead is accepted. Payments are processed within forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar quarter if you accumulate at least $200 in referred account revenue share. If you do not meet the $200 threshold, you will be paid retroactively the following quarter.

Revenue Share Percentage of Managed Accounts

For every submitted and approved Klaviyo account you’re actively managing, you will be paid a percentage of that account’s MRR for an indefinite time period. The payout percentage is determined by your status at the time of the payment period. Payments are processed within forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar year. There is no minimum payment threshold for managed customer payouts.

Klaviyo Partner Directory

Klaviyo does not sell services, nor do we represent the breadth of services our partners provide. The Klaviyo Partner Directory is the best way for Klaviyo customers to find agencies, consultants, or development firms to help their brand grow. Each partner’s page should be completed and maintained by the partner.

Any partner can start building their profile

Klaviyo Partner Badge

Each partner can access a logo kit in the Partner Portal to represent your status within the Klaviyo Agency Program. Add these images on your website and other marketing materials to demonstrate your partnership with Klaviyo.

Access to Klaviyo Marketing Collateral

Located in the Partner Portal, Klaviyo Partners will have access to dozens of sales and marketing materials to ensure success in the program. These assets include audit guides, email and SMS use cases, onboarding checklists, sales resources, and more.

Roadmap Updates (via Events and Webinars)

Klaviyo provides you with a first look at upcoming product enhancements, new features, and innovative ways to leverage Klaviyo for your clients. These roadmap sessions occur during partner town halls, agency workshops, and other Klaviyo-sponsored events.

Dedicated Channel Management

Klaviyo provides a dedicated Partner Manager to facilitate your growth within the Partner Program. This individual will support co-marketing activities, train your team to sell Klaviyo, and provide you with the tools and resources needed to be successful in the program.

Dedicated Partner Success Management

A dedicated Partner Success Manager will provide you with Klaviyo product expertise and strategic guidance related to client on-boarding, adopting new features, and best practices for ongoing client success.


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