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What is the Klaviyo FAQ?

Ever needed to know an answer to a simple question, but just can’t seem to figure out the right search term to get an answer? What do you do? You can write into support for a response, but this can take time to write out your question and some back and forth with support until your question is answered. No one likes to wait. Enter the Klaviyo FAQ. The Klaviyo FAQ is a feature in the Klaviyo help center where we have compiled your most asked questions to our support team.

Each FAQ article is different from your usual help center article in a few ways. Instead of a long form document that addresses a handful of questions, each FAQ article will be focused on a specific question with a direct answer. Additionally, our FAQs are written by our product experts here so you know you’re getting the same recommendations and guidance that you would get if you emailed support.

Best of all? We’ll keep updating the FAQ with your questions, making sure you can find answers to the questions you need without having to write in to support.

Got any ideas for future articles? Email Us and we’ll make sure that your FAQ shows up on the help center.

At Klaviyo, we help brands grow. This is one simple way to speed up that process and get you back to building relationships with your customers and perfecting your data-driven marketing.



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