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There are so many great tools in Klaviyo, it’s hard to know where to get started. In this guide, we walk you through how to get the most out of your Klaviyo account from the start, as well as explain the right order to getting started so that you hit the inbox on your first send. Whether you’re coming from a different email service provider or if you’re new to email marketing, let’s dive in on how to get ready for your first send.

No time to read the guide? We made a decision tree to help you along your personalized journey to your first send.

Before You Begin


When you first begin with Klaviyo, it’s tempting to just start sending to the contacts that you have. If you have been sending on a prior email service provider and switch to Klaviyo, you will be switching your sending IP address and there will be a short ramp-up process while you transition to the new IP address on Klaviyo. During this time you have to convince Google, Yahoo, and other inbox providers that you are a reputable sender and not a spammer.

Let’s think about sending emails more broadly. On other email service providers, you may have been encouraged to send most of your emails to all of your subscribers and then send the same email to people who didn’t open the first one. Not only is it more difficult to hit the inbox following this method, but you’re also not giving your customers personalized experiences, making them more likely to not only convert but also to stick around and become brand enthusiasts. Each of your customers is unique. Instead of blasting your whole list, send to a small group of people, called a segment. We’ll go over segmentation in this guide as well.

Getting Data into Your Account 


It’s important to move all of the data from your business into your Klaviyo account so you can use it to make marketing decisions based on your entire customer experience journey. Klaviyo has many built-in integrations to make transferring that information into Klaviyo simple. You can find a list of all of our built-in integrations here.

Additionally, it’s important that you point your signup form and list growth tools to your Klaviyo account. If you want to build your signup forms from scratch, check out our guide on signup forms.

Lastly, you’ll want to build out some base templates for your flow and campaign sends that you can clone in order to make your emails easier to send. You can also import your emails from your previous email service provider as HTML.

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Your Audience and Business 

Before your first send, take a beat and think about who your customers are and how your business fits in their lives. While this may seem like an unnecessary step, this planning before will make creating content is a breeze and will increase your customer’s brand engagement.

Are there brands in the same industry as you that you admire? Seek them out, sign up for their email newsletter, check out their website, engage with their social media accounts. Understand the experience they’re cultivating for their customers and decide if that is something you would want to do for your brand or if you would want to do something different.

Next, get to know your customers. It’s best to understand their likes, dislikes, and pain points so you know where your business fits into their everyday life.

Lastly, think about your current content strategy and sending guidelines. You’ll want to keep this constant as you begin with Klaviyo.

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Getting Started with Flows


Flows, or automated series of messages, are a great way to hit the inbox when you first switch to Klaviyo. It’s important that you turn on your flows before you send your first campaign. Because flow emails are triggered by customer behavior, they are more likely to open your flow emails. Increased open rates tell inbox providers that you are a reputable sender, steering you out of the spam folder and into the inbox.

You should turn on your welcome series, abandoned cart, and browse abandonment flows first because they are great touchpoints with your customers. For more information about these flows, check out the links provided.

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Getting Started with Segmentation


The last step before your first send is to create engaged segments or groups of your customers who have engaged with your brand recently. It’s important to bring in all of your engagement information into Klaviyo from your previous email service provider so you can build out engaged segments. It’s important to send to engaged segments when you’re first sending in Klaviyo as they are more likely to open your emails and increase your sender reputation.

You'll want to build out a 30, 60, 90-day engagement segments and an unengaged segment. The criteria are based on your prior email service provider data. If your prior email service provider does not integrate with Klaviyo, export all of your customer information (i.e. First and Last name, email address, first became a customer, date of last email open) and import it back into Klaviyo.

30 Day Engaged Segment


Unengaged Segment


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Your First Campaign Send


After completing all the above steps, it’s finally time to send your first campaign email. It’s finally time to send your first campaign email! If you’re new to email marketing, when sending your first campaign, send to your full list. If you’re coming from another email service provider, you’re going to send to the 30-day engaged segment for your first send. This email should come at the same cadence as your normal emails. If you send weekly, send this email on the same day you would usually. Keep the same creative work and copy that is typical in an email from you. Anything out of the ordinary may affect your deliverability as well.

After waiting 24 hours, take a look at how your email performed. If you are seeing open rates above or around 30%, try to send out your next campaign to your 60-day engaged segment. For subsequent campaign sends, as long as you are getting open rates above 20%, you can relax the engagement criteria on a similar segment to 90, 120, and, lastly, 180 days.

If your open rates are below 30% after your first send, build out a 20-day engaged segment using the criteria above and send again, after waiting until your usual send cadence comes again. Keep doing this process, making the window smaller, until you reach a 30% open rate. If you’re having deliverability issues, please reach out to support for guidance.

Next Step in Flows

After you’ve set up your abandoned cart, welcome series, and browse abandonment flow, you can level up your email marketing by turning a few more flows live. The flows we recommend are a winback flow, product review, and cross-sell. You can find more information on each of these below.

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Getting Started with Analytics


The power of Klaviyo relies upon the ability to take your data and make smart marketing decisions. You can find your analytics in the analytics tab of the dashboard and within each component of Klaviyo as well. To dive deeper into your analytics, check out the resources below.

Decision Tree

All set to start working toward you first send? Review this decision tree to help you choose the best path to hitting the inbox.


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