Getting Started with Klaviyo - Metrics to Measure Your Success



This recording is part of our Getting Started webinar series. You can check out all the details and sign up for a live session by visiting the webinar series landing page.

This session covers the important metrics you need to measure your success. We dig into the following topics:

  • The dashboard, where you can get a birds eye view of your performance
  • The flow and campaign analytics tab
  • Specific flow and campaign benchmarks, and ideas to improve low performing metrics
  • The customizable Analytics tab, where you can design exactly the analytics view your business needs



Below are some questions customers typically ask about this topic.

How can I create a new flow with the specific intent to a/b test it with another flow that's already been running for a while?
There are multiple ways you can run an A/B test within a flow. First you can add message variations if you want to test differences in an individual message. Second, you can create a conditional or trigger split to test out two different paths in a flow. With a conditional split, you can also set the split to randomly sample everyone moving down the path. This way you can create two almost identical branches and split the traffic 50/50 to determine which branch performs better.

Is there a reason why a flow doesn’t automatically optimize for the winner of an A/B test like a campaign does?
Flows are constantly running so you don’t have the same idea of a testing period that you do with campaigns. Because you sending a campaign to an entire list at the same time, the testing windows allows you to perform the A/B test against a percentage of your list, then automatically execute on your test results by sending to the remainder of you send list. To run a test with flows you can decide on a time period, and manually evaluate your results at the end of that period and take action. Read all the details in our guide to AB testing with flows.

I want to manage multiple clients in Klaviyo and have heard it's possible to copy flows from one account to another. How does this work? If I copy live flows from one account to another, will they be live or inactive in the account I paste them in?
Kaviyo supports multi-account access as well as copying flows between accounts.


Use the following resources to learn more about the concepts covered in this webinar.

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