On-Demand Training: Getting Started with Klaviyo: Session 5 - Understanding Your Data, Optimizing Your Growth

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This recording is the final training in our Getting Started training series. You can check out all the details and sign up for a live session by visiting the training series landing page.

This session covers email design best practices, and how you can put them into action with your Klaviyo emails and the Klaviyo email editor. We dig into the following topics:

  • Understanding Klaviyo Metrics
  • Next Steps for Campaigns & Flows
  • Bringing Reports To Action




Use the following resources to learn more about the concepts covered in this webinar.






Below are some questions customers typically ask about this topic.

How do I collect more information about my subscribers in my emails?

You can head to this article on Using Buttons in an Email to Collect Information About Your Recipients.

When are plain text emails a good idea?
Plain text emails are a great idea when you want to speak directly to your customers or add in more of a one-to-one feel. They also tend to generate better responses in the event that you’re looking for feedback.

Are video images with a fake "play" button which lead to a video landing page considered bad practice?
No. If you’ve got a video you want to share there’s currently no way to embed it directly in an email. Linking to it from a thumbnail image is a safe workaround.

Should I bother testing my emails with tools like Litmus?
Sure, if you’ve got the time. Testing tools can be a big help if you’re trying to adjust your content due to deliverability issues or if you’ve got a large percentage of contacts that are using Outlook. Outlook is notorious for rendering emails differently than most other inbox providers.

There are a million things I can test. Where should I start?
Start small and build. Work with your main test list or one of your highest performing flows and test out two message variations or two different subject lines. This will help you get comfortable with testing. From here, you can look into running campaign tests with more variations, or start to build out some tests inside of flows utilizing splits and branching.

Are Emojis in subject lines considered spammy?
No, but you should consider your usage of emojis the same way you would evaluate other words you plan to include in your emails. For example, don’t spam the subject line with all caps or ten exclamation points. As well, including a line of smiley faces won’t serve you as well as a cleverly placed emoji. "You’d better 👀 out: our Spring Sale is coming."

Is there a video on how to A/B test an email?

Yes, you can head to these guides for more information: 


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