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This recording is part of our Getting Started webinar series. You can check out all the details and sign up for a live session by visiting the webinar series landing page.

This session covers Klaviyo flows. We dig into the following topics:

  • What makes flows extra personalized?
  • A tour of the visual flow builder
  • Building an Abandoned Cart with the help of the Flow Library
  • Building a Welcome Series from scratch
  • Monitoring your flow metrics and performance



Below are some questions customers typically ask about this topic.

How does someone exit a flow if they no longer qualify?
Flows includes three levels of filters: trigger filters, flow filters, and message filters. If someone fails a filter at any level, they exit the flow. For example, when someone starts a checkout, they will enter an abandoned cart flow. If the same customer follows through to place an order before the first Abandoned Cart email sends, then this customer will exit the flow and not receive any flow emails.

Which flows should have Smart Sending turned on as a general rule of thumb?
We always recommend leaving smart sending enabled unless you have a specific reason not to. The first email of a welcome series is a great example of an email that you always want to send. If you flow email is necessary for a customer to receive, or there is a high expectation to receive an email, then disable smart sending for that email.

Is there anything I need to remember if I start adding emails to a flow that’s already active?
When adding new emails to an active flow, utilize the manual flow status. Customers that enter a flow and reach an email that is set to Manual will not be sent the email. Instead they will queue, waiting to receive the message until you manually approve it. Keeping messages in manual allows you to test out new messages and verify they are working correctly before setting them live.

We currently use Shopify abandoned cart emails. How do we disable this and start using Klaviyo?
From your Shopify admin navigate to Settings > Checkout > Abandoned Checkouts and uncheck the option to “Automatically send abandoned checkout emails”.

Can you send a coupon email if the contact in the flow is a First Time purchaser versus returning?
Yes. You can create a conditional split that checks if a customer has placed at least 1 order. If they have, send them down the YES path and don’t include a coupon. If they haven’t, send them down the NO path and include your discount.

With a subscription based business - can you setup welcome flow so that it only goes to customer once upon their first purchase and they never get the email series again no matter how many purchases?
Yes. You can add a flow filter to check if someone has already been in a flow, and If they have, filter them from ever re-entering.

Can you select specific emails to receive and not receive in an email that's set up on manual?
When a flow email is set to manual, you have to manually send the email to every customer that queues up for the message. Even after turning the flow live, no customer that queued for the email while it was set to manual will receive an email without your authorization.

Is there a way to upload your image and design it out so it applies to ALL flows? or is that something you do manually on each flow?
We currently do not support bulk editing or bulk applying styles to multiple email templates. What you can do is save specific templates, or even specific blocks within a template, and then add those saved templates/blocks to other flows or flow messages

When creating conditional splits, how do you create a copy of the abandon cart email from the original flow?
From the flow canvas you can click the kabab menu (also known as the triple dot menu) and select Copy email. This creates a copy of the email that you can then drag to a new branch or location in your flow.

What data is available in flow emails? Does Klaviyo pull in the regular price or sales price? Are the products show up in an abandoned cart email purely based on the products a customer abandoned?
The data available in a flow email is specific to the customer receiving the email. If the flow is triggered by an event (for example an Abandoned Cart flow is triggered by the Checkout Started event), then the data from that specific event is available inside the flow. Let’s say an example customer, Nicola, adds 2 shirts to her cart but then abandons her checkout. In flow messages sent to Nicola you can include any information you have store about her (first name, last name, etc.), and any information included in the Checkout Started event that triggered the flow (product names, pictures, price, links to the product page, etc.).

Are you able to have multiple starting points for a specific flow? For example, within the Welcome Series, I want email #1 to be different, based off of where the customer signed up (pop up, footer sign up, contact us, giveaway page, etc.)

To achieve that, you would create conditional splits at the beginning of the flow. Conditional splits allow you to further personalize your email messaging within the same flow.

Is it best practice to send out the welcome series if they also purchased an item at the same time? Basically the signed up and purchased at the same time?

If a customer subscribes to your newsletter, you'll want to give them the confirmation to let them know they're signed up. That being said, you don't want to overwhelm your new customer with a ton of emails right out of the gate. As a solution, in your post-purchase flow communication, you can create a split dependent on whether or not someone is in your newsletter list and change the messaging around in your email to reflect that they are in fact signed up for your newsletter.

What are your thoughts on adding other links in the email that goes to other areas that are NOT the cart? (homepage, shop now, social links, etc)

Because you want your customer to go back to your site and finish up their purchase, you shouldn't include links that will take them elsewhere. It's best to keep it simple with one call to action button that will direct them back to their cart. 

Is there a way to turn all of the flow emails live at once?

No, there is not.


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