On-Demand Training: Getting Started with Klaviyo: Session 2- Building Lists & Segments

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This recording is the second in our four-part Getting Started training series.

This session covers how you can segment and target your customers and prospective customers for a more effective email strategy.  Customers sending to highly segmented groups see a much higher ROI than those who do not.

In this session we will cover:

  • The difference between lists and segments
  • An overview of the segment builder
  • How to build an engaged segment
  • How to build an unengaged segment
  • How to build a VIP segment
  • Best Practices for Sign Up Forms to build your lists.



Use the following resources to learn more about the concepts covered in this webinar.


Below are some questions customers typically ask about this topic.

If all popups map to the “Newsletter” list, is there a way to know where email subscribers are coming from (i.e. popup, footer, checkout, etc.)?

From the analytics dashboard, you can select the form overview setting to understand how your signup forms are performing. 


What exactly does the ‘Exclude List’ option do? Is there more detail on that?

When you’re setting up a campaign you can choose to send to a specific list, or set of lists. You can also choose to exclude a list from being sent to. One example would be if your business sells directly to customers, but also sells to warehouses in bulk. In this case, you could keep your wholesale customers on a specific list, and then exclude that list from your general marketing campaigns.

Does Klaviyo offer something similar to the Mailchimp rating?

We do not currently offer something equivalent to a Mailchimp rating. Instead, you can use Klaviyo’s segmentation builder to create an engaged segment that matches your specific definition of engaged.

I see a lot of my profiles are active - but is this active on my site or active on any site that is integrated with Klaviyo?

An active profile refers to a customer who is not suppressed, meaning that you can communicate with them.

Where do I go to see my overall growth of subscribers independently of campaigns?

Check out this article on the list growth reporting tool to understand how your list is growing as well as where your subscribers are coming from.

If you have the same person on 2 separate lists are you charged twice for that person?

No, you are charged for the number of active profiles that you have, not based on how many people you have in a list. 

Are segments confined to a specific list - or will a segment pull across any list?

Segments will pull from all of your active profiles and include people who meet the definitions that you set. 

Can you have different welcome series flows for the different forms? For example, people signing up from the popup or signing up during checkout in Shopify?

Yes, you can trigger a flow when customers are added to a list. You can point your forms at different lists and create two separate flows that way. 

Do segments always pull contacts from a list?

No, Klaviyo's segments will pull from every contact in your account, provided they meet the conditions of the segment. There are likely a number of profiles in your account who were added through "general engagement" and synced with an integration. For example, if you integrate your ecommece platform with Klaviyo, we will add the email address of people who abandon a cart to your account, which is what allows us to send them triggered abandoned cart flows. That said, this does not constitute the contact opting in to receive campaign emails from you, so it is important to be conscious of this when emailing segments. This is why we recommend adding a condition to restrict your segment to a specific list when sending a campaign.

Is there a way that I can automatically suppress contacts?

Right now, it's not possible to automatically suppress contacts in your account. We recommend setting up a sunset flow to identify and tag unengaged contacts, and then periodically suppressing a segment of profiles with this tag. You can find more instructions on how to do this here.

Is there a way that I can automatically resend a campaign to people who didn't open it?

No, in fact, this is a practice that we generally discourage. Rather than building a segment of people who didn't open a particular email and then sending them the same campaign once again, you may instead want to sync this segment with Facebook Custom Audiences in order to try to reach them on a different platform that may be more effective for them. Sending frequently to people who don't open your emails is the fastest way to create a deliverability problem for yourself.

Should my regular weekly emails be sent to a list or segment of people?

This depends on how old your newsletter list is and whether or not people on this list are consistently opening your emails. If you are a brand new business and everyone on your newsletter list was added organically in the last few months, then you can simply send your campaigns to this list. If you have an older newsletter list that maybe you established a couple of years ago on a previous email service provider (ESP), you will want to create an engaged segment based on this list and instead send to this group of people instead. This ensures that your campaigns will have strong open/engagement rates.

If I segment based on location, how do I manage people with unknown locations?

There are a couple of ways that Klaviyo sets a contact's address. If they've never purchased before, we will set their address using IP Geolocation. If the customer has purchased before, we will use their billing address as their location. If you're concerned that there are a number of contacts in your account that don't have locations, you can create a segment of people whose Country is not set. This will allow you to identify contacts that we don't have a location for, and if you have further questions you can reach out to our support team.

Do you market sales towards lists or segments?

It's fine to send a broad sale email to your newsletter list for important events, but segments are an excellent tool to use to reach beyond this audience and tailor further messaging to how people have interacted with your broader campaign send. Our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Crash Course walks through a lot of these concepts, and the segmentation strategy used here is also applicable to other types of sales.

When first starting, what's considered a "good" open rate?

In order to have a good sender reputation and to make sure you're hitting the inbox, open rates above 20% are considered good. 

Is there a library of suggested campaigns for certain segments?

You can check out this helpful article on creating a content calendar for ideas on who and what to send to your customers. Additionally, this article on Create Customer Engagement Tiers is will help with segmentation inspiration. 

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