Getting Started with Klaviyo - Getting Ready for Your First Send



This recording is part of our Getting Started webinar series. You can check out all the details and sign up for a live session by visiting the webinar series landing page.

This session covers how you can get ready for your first send. We dig into the following topics:

  • How to think about list management
  • Identifying the type of sender you are
  • Creating the right send list
  • Walkthrough on how to send a campaign
  • Deliverability and compliance best practices



Below are some questions customers typically ask about this topic.

How important is setting DKIM and SPF for deliverability? What do I have to do to configure DKIM and SPF with Klaviyo?
When you sign up with Klaviyo we handle all your DKIM and SPF settings for you automatically, so you don’t have to take any additional steps.

I have clients who have stores with large lists but have never sent any emails to them ever. What's a good strategy to warm up a list that has forgotten about your brand?
You should always be sending to a healthy list. If you’ve got a list of emails that you’ve never sent to, your best bet is to either gather more data on how those emails were acquired, or not send to them at all. If you focus your efforts on a healthy acquisition strategy, and practice sending to engaged customers, you’ll maintain high open, click, and conversion rates. If you risk sending to a list of contacts that you have no data on, then you might generate a large number of spam complaints, blocks, and bounces, harming your deliverability reputation and not bringing you in any revenue.

I have a very large email list, about 800,000+ emails, that’s about 10 years old. I don’t get a lot of engagement through the current platform we’re using. Does Klaviyo assist with cleaning the list?
We’ve got a guide to list cleaning that walks you through the process of identifying your least engaged customers, and methods to clean them from your account.

What is considered a good open rate 11%? 50%? What's the minimum you'd recommend before sending your first campaign?
We recommend aiming for 20% open rates or higher. If you’re seeing lower open rates than this, check out the webinar, as we lay out different strategies on how to best move forward giving your current open rates.

How can we determine the distribution of our lists? Is it possible in Klaviyo or would we need to export the data to use programs like SAS to determine this information?
After you’ve integrated and uploaded your data into Klaviyo, you can use our segmentation builder to determine how your customers are distributed by engagement, or even other factors like purchase frequency.

How do you introduce yourself to different email providers like Gmail?
When you sign up to a new ESP you want to make sure your first 5 to 10 sends go to your most engaged customers and earn high open and click rates. First create a master engaged list using Klaviyo’s segmentation builder, so that you know who your best customers are. Then, make a plan for 5-10 sends over the course of 2-4 weeks. Monitor each send, and if you see issues with a lower open rate, or a high spam, block, or bounce rate, adjust your list or content accordingly.

How important is testing email UX with softwares like Litmus when using Klaviyo?
With any email send it’s important to consider two factors: who you’re sending to, and what you’re sending. When it comes to content, you should make sure you’re covering a few best practices:

  • Align your content with your business mission and design.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Optimize for mobile.
  • If you see low click rates, likely your content is not “speaking” to your customers. A/B test out some new ideas.

Why should a company keep Mailchimp and Klaviyo? Why not fully commit to Klaviyo and import everything into it?
We recommend switching over fully to Klaviyo. You can start by integrating with Mailchimp. Next, check out the key guidelines outlined for migrating from another ESP. For example, you’ll want to switch over other components like your signup forms or any automated emails you have running on your old ESP.

Does Klaviyo offer something similar to the Mailchimp rating?
We do not currently offer something equivalent to a Mailchimp rating. Instead, you can use Klaviyo’s segmentation builder to create an engaged segment that matches your specific definition of engaged.

How to A/B test the from field?
You can A/B test from address, email content, and even send times. Check out our guide to A/B testing for all the details.

I see a lot of my profiles are active - but is this active on my site or active on any site that is integrated with Klaviyo?

An active profile refers to a customer who is not suppressed, meaning that you can communicate with them.

Do you recommend moving transactional emails to Klaviyo from like Shopify or Shipstation as is currently set up for us?

If you have transaction emails already set up elsewhere and don't want to move them over, you don't need to. If you'd like to move those emails to Klaviyo, follow this guide on Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails.

Will all email subscribers we bring over from our old ESP count toward our storage/send volumes?

All of your active profiles will count toward your billing. You can bring over your customers who are unsubscribed to Klaviyo and they will not count toward your billing. 

If we upload all of our email subscribers, but only 50% of them fall into our engaged segment we are emailing, will we only be charged for the “engaged” population?

You will be charged for how many active profiles you have, not how many engaged customers you have. You will have customers with different levels of engagement and want to target them differently depending on their desired email frequency, how often or what they purchase from you, where they live, etc. 

Where do I go to see my overall growth of subscribers independently of campaigns?

Check out this article on the list growth reporting tool to understand how your list is growing as well as where your subscribers are coming from.

If you have the same person on 2 separate lists are you charged twice for that person?

No, you are charged for the number of active profiles that you have, not based on how many people you have in a list. 

Are segments confined to a specific list - or will a segment pull across any list?

Segments will pull from all of your active profiles and include people who meet the definitions that you set. 


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