2019 Klaviyo Agency Workshop


Mike Eng
Director of Channel

2019 Klaviyo Positioning

Our mission is simple: helping businesses grow. We recognize that our agency partners play a critical role in helping us to accomplish this which is why we are doubling our investment in this area in 2019. Get an over of what makes Klaviyo unique in the industry and why we should all be demanding more from our marketing technologies.

Daniel Kezerashvili
Senior Software

Listening Better with Klaviyo

If you don’t listen to your customers, it’s difficult to learn anything about them. See how Klaviyo is designed to observe and collect information about your customers and then allow you to effectively use that data to communicate on a much more personal level.

Maritza Ebling
Data Engineer

Getting to Know Your Customers (At Scale!)

Find your VIPs. Identify customers who might leave soon. Uncover your most lucrative channels. Klaviyo's data science team is working on some amazing features that help you answer questions like these, using your actual data, and not some industry benchmarks or other outside standards.

Amanda Smith
Team Lead, Channel
Customer Success

Data-Driven Execution

How do you uncover the right data to make decisions and prove client success in Klaviyo? This session will cover tips, tricks, and the future analytics updates that can help power your agency’s process to help grow your client’s businesses.

Mike Greene
Product Marketing

The Klaviyo Roadmap

Klaviyo is innovating and adding valuable features to our platform at a rapid pace. Take a quick look back at the money-making, time-saving features released last year and a sneak preview into what’s coming in 2019.

Lizzie Nirenberg
Partner Marketing

Agency Program Updates

The Klaviyo Partner Program has become more than just a referral program — and it’s time the construct reflects that. Get a sneak peek of the new program structure, what is happening and when, as well as tips for how to prepare for the change.

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