2019 Klaviyo Workshop Presentation - Get to Know Your Customers (At Scale!)

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This presentation is from the 2019 Klaviyo Workshops. For more information about upcoming Klaviyo events, check out our events page.


Find your VIPs. Identify customers who might leave soon. Uncover your most lucrative channels. Klaviyo's data science team is working on some amazing features that help you answer questions like these, using your actual data, and not some industry benchmarks or other outside standards. Warning: this presentation contains a few equations, but you don't have to actually understand them.


Make it happen

Start by checking out Klaviyo's Guide to Predictive Analytics. This gives you the baseline for understanding what types of predictive data is available in your account. You can really dig deep by reading up on our data science team's blog post series:

Put your new-found knowledge to use by creating a segment of your customers by CLV, or finding groups of customers by their predicted next date of order.

Klaviyo allows you to get sophisticated with your signup form targeting. You can create a segment of customers for a specific purpose, and target them with a unique form.

Flex those spreadsheet muscles with this guide on do-it-yourself customer modeling.

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