2019 Klaviyo Workshop Presentation - Executing Your Plan Cross-Channel

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This presentation is from the 2019 Klaviyo Workshops. For more information about upcoming Klaviyo events, check out our events page.


Klaviyo is more than an email marketing program. This presentation aims to show you exactly how you can use all of the data and tools inside of your Klaviyo account to market to your customers across multiple channels. Email remains one of the most powerful and personal tools. When you combine it with your other channels, your marketing goes to the next level.


Make it happen

Build out some of the flows covered in this presentation or grab them off the shelf from our flow library.

If you need a place to start experimenting, build out your Abandoned Cart flow, and then add in a trigger split to separate customers by their cart value.

You can get creative with testing multiple ideas by sampling members to go down different paths, or by A/B testing specific subject lines or message content.

Looking to connect your Facebook and Instagram collateral into your email marketing efforts? Integrate with Facebook Advertising account with Klaviyo today.

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