2019 Klaviyo Workshop Presentation - Listening Better Every Day

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This presentation is from the 2019 Klaviyo Workshops. For more information about upcoming Klaviyo events, check out our events page.


You've got all the tools to listen to your customers and start collecting, and reacting, to everything you hear. This presentation points you to the tools you can use to collect more information from your customers, and it gives you the framework for how to analyze the data you're collecting.


Listening For and Gather More Data

How do you know when your emails are performing well? Use our guidelines for evaluating and improving your sending performance.

Start crunching through your campaign analytics or your flow analytics. For our power users, build out your own customized analytics view, where you decided which pieces of your data are important, and how they should be displayed.

Pull in even more data. Klaviyo already integrates with a number of different platforms, and we've even got a long list of 3rd party integrations, and an open API.

Ask your customers for data directly in your emails, and tie it directly back into your Klaviyo account.

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