2019 Klaviyo Workshops

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These presentations are from the 2019 Klaviyo Workshops. For more information about upcoming Klaviyo events, check out our events page.

The Klaviyo Workshop crew is back on the road for 2019. This year's first stops were in Miami, Los Angeles, NYC, Austin, Chicago, and our first international workshop, London. The team just got back from San Francisco. If you couldn't make it to one of our workshops, or if you just can't wait until yours, you can find all the resources you need from our workshop presentations right here.

Interested in attending a workshop and learning directly from the people that build and run Klaviyo every day? Reach out to us today and let us know. We're gearing up for Klaviyo: BOS in September. Be sure to mention which city you're interested in so we can add you to an early-notify list when registration opens up.

Marissa Petteruti
Technical Writer

Listening Better Every Day

The first step to understanding your customers is to listen to them — and that means paying attention to customer data. Discover how to use third-party integrations, surveys, and the data you already have in Klaviyo.

Eric Silberstein
VP Data Science

Get to Know Your Customers (At Scale!)

Klaviyo's data science team is hard at working building tools to help you gain meaningful insights from your data...including making predictions about future customer behavior. See how you can put these tools to work.

Zach Wooster        
Manager of
Customer Success

Personalizing the Customer Experience

There are tons of different ways you can use Klaviyo to act on your data. In this presentation, we'll take you on the journey of launching a new product from start to finish, and teach you how to use Klaviyo along the way.

Joe McCarthy
Dir. Performance

Rise of the Brands

At the end of the day, your store's most enduring asset is your brand. Find out how getting clear on your brand can help you stand out, grow your sales, and build lasting customer relationships.

Colleen Farrell
Team Lead,
Customer Support


The Klaviyo Roadmap

Klaviyo is innovating and adding valuable features to our platform at a rapid pace. Take a quick look back at the money-making, time-saving features released last year and a sneak preview into what’s coming in 2019.

Alexandra Edelstein
Sr. Product Manager


Executing Your Plan Cross-Channel

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to reach out to your customers across all your channels! From Facebook to email to your store website, get ready to create a coordinated, personalized, experience across the customer lifecycle.


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