What is Klaviyo?

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What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a tool that makes personalized marketing a breeze through data-driven decision making. In the past, only massive companies had the resources to create highly personalized messaging. Klaviyo brings those capabilities with an intuitive interface that a one-person startup can easily manage, to more detailed customization a large or enterprise company can develop with their marketing team.

While you can use Klaviyo to make email marketing easy, its power comes from data. At its core, Klaviyo is a data science company, with email marketing being its primary customization avenue. In this course, we’ll look at Klaviyo’s segmentation, automation, integrations, metrics, and email design capabilities. Let’s dive in!


Segmentation is a powerful tool that you can use to personalize your recipient's marketing experience.

Ever wonder who your most loyal customers are? What about those customers who were once loyal and may have lapsed over the last few months? With Klaviyo’s segmentation capabilities, you can create separate groups based on past purchasing behaviors, customer preferences, and even future predictions of spending.

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Klaviyo makes it possible to automate email sending so that you can still give your recipients tailor-made experiences without having to spend an exorbitant amount of time sending emails.

A customer on the other side of the globe signs up for your newsletter at 2 AM your time. While you’re fast asleep, Klaviyo sends them a personalized, branded email to welcome them to your community. Flows make it possible to automate anything from creating different paths a customer can go down with conditional splits, to testing which emails perform best.

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With Klaviyo’s numerous integrations you can connect to the platforms you are currently using, and pull your data into one place for analysis.

Klaviyo's integrations allow to aggregate your data from customer activities, like shopping patterns and engagement. That up-to-date data allows you to customize your communication with your recipients even more, growing your business and brand.

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Reporting is necessary to grow your business. Klaviyo makes it easy to find out how to

From our customizable analytics dashboard to reporting capabilities for campaigns and flows, the metric capabilities within Klaviyo speak for themselves. Using Klaviyo's reporting features, you can truly get to know about your customers and their preferences. Grow your company through data driven decision-making.

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Communication with your customers is necessary for any company. In Klaviyo, you can brand your emails, signup forms, popups, fly outs, and social media ads to reflect your website and more.

Use our customizable template editor to get your message out there in the style that best suits your brand. Our drag-and-drop email template editor makes it easy to build emails that get your readers excited.

But it doesn't stop there. Check out our resources below to see how you can also use our form editor to create popups that are as obvious or subtle as you'd like. On top of that, you can also create a manage preferences page so your recipients can choose how often they want to interact with your brand.

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