Holiday Marketing Crash Course

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Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, you might be wondering what’s next. Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years are approaching quickly, but there's still time for you to plan out your content schedule and strategy. After you reflect on the results of your BFCM campaigns, you can take these learnings with you and apply them to your marketing strategy for the rest of the holiday season.

The videos below pick up from where our BFCM Crash Course left off and cover the steps you should take to make sure you're well prepared through New Years. Be sure to run through the holiday marketing checklist to track your progress.

Reflect on Your BFCM Campaigns

If you do notice your open rates dip below 10%, use a 60-day engaged segment as a baseline for the segments you'll build below.

Set Up Flows to Supplement Your Campaign Sends

Collect Information About New Subscribers in Your Welcome Series

When creating your welcome series, you may want to specifically tailor your message to the holiday season. You can ask subscribers about the types of gifts their shopping for in order to deliver more relevant content later on in the email series. 

To do this, use buttons to collect information about your subscribers. This information will then be stored on their Klaviyo profile and become available to use in segments and flows.


Then, you can branch your flows using conditional splits to create unique paths for each response. Be sure to include a default branch in case some of your subscribers don't click any of the buttons.


Build Key Segments

BFCM Browsers


2018 Holiday Purchasers


2019 Holiday Purchasers


VIP Customers


Non Opted-In EU Contacts


Develop a Content Schedule and Strategy


Holiday Marketing Checklist

  1. Reflect on BFCM campaigns
    • Measure key metrics (open rate, unsubscribe rate, etc.) to ensure that your deliverability is strong
  2. Set up a post-purchase flow to nurture the relationship between any new and existing customers who purchased during BFCM
  3. Set up a browse abandonment flow
  4. Set up a welcome flow
  5. Build key segments for the remainder of the holiday season:
    • BFCM browsers
    • 2017 holiday purchasers
    • 2018 holiday purchasers
    • VIP customers
    • Non opted-in EU contacts
  6. Establish a sending schedule and cadence leading up to New Years
    • This should be no more than one email a day, but will depend in large part on what your open rates were during BFCM. Flow emails can fill in any gaps and are tied directly to contact behavior
  7. Develop a content strategy
    • Push big ticket items earlier rather than later
    • Once it’s down to the wire, focus on non-tangible items (i.e. gift cards), offer discounted overnight shipping, or offer in-store pickup if you have a brick & mortar location

Additional Resources

Below, we've included a lookbook of example emails that you can flip through for inspiration. 

Holiday Email Lookbook

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