Resolving BigCommerce Authentication Issues

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We recently upgraded our BigCommerce integration to be able to use real-time event processing.  Unfortunately, during the release, some clients encountered an issue where an incomplete authentication cycle meant that Klaviyo stored out-of-date access tokens.  We have released a fix that will prevent this issue from affecting anyone else, but we cannot currently refresh your access tokens and restore your integration without your help.

How to Fix

  1. Log into Klaviyo and navigate to your BigCommerce integration:
  2. Click ‘Update BigCommerce Settings’.  You will be redirected to BigCommerce:  
  3. After redirection, you will be on a site with a URL similar to the example below:

    You should be automatically directed to the correct URL for your account.


    [CUSTOMER_SPECIFIC_STORE_HASH] is a random alphanumeric code that is used by us/BC to identify stores.  You can locate this in BigCommerce by navigating to and clicking "My Account > Store Details".

  4. Click ‘Uninstall’:
  5. After page reload, click the new ‘Install’ button that appears:
  6. Click ‘Confirm’:
  7. You will be ‘redirected’ to Klaviyo within BigCommerce. You should see a green "Settings Updated" message, as below.  Your BigCommerce integration should resume normal functioning, and within 3 hours of completing this process, you will see events being created in real time in your Klaviyo account.If you do not see a green "Settings Updated" message as below, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.


  • I fixed it! Why am I not getting webhook data right now?
    We run a “webhook health check” every 3 hours to see if a BigCommerce integration is receiving webhooks. If it is not, we set them up and try again to receive webhooks. You can also send your Klaviyo account ID to our support team, and we can manually enable webhooks for your account.
  • Why did this happen? Why do I need to do this?
    We do a ‘handshake’ with BigCommerce to get new auth tokens when we create or update an integration. This helps ensure that the tokens are transferred safely to us. As part of this process, we have code necessitating that the customer is logged into Klaviyo. If a customer did not log in to Klaviyo after our prompts, we will not correctly retain the new tokens.  The old tokens are invalidated by BigCommerce for security reasons, and they will be rejected when we try to use them to retrieve your data.
  • I completed these steps, but it's still not working!
    If this is the case, please contact the support team and we will work with engineering to determine the root cause of the issue and find a solution.

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