2018 Klaviyo Workshop Presentation - Getting Ready for GDPR

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This presentation is from the 2018 Klaviyo Advanced Workshops. For more information about upcoming Klaviyo events, check out our events page.


The release of GDPR is having far-reaching implications across a number of businesses, but no more so than with ecommerce and email marketing. This presentation digs into some of the GDPR details — of course, you’ll want to consult your lawyer as well.

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GDPR was released on May 25th. If you didn't already take the chance to repermission your EU customers, we strongly recommend consulting your legal team before continuing to email them.

Upgrade your signup process to be GDPR compliant by collecting specific consent information from your customers. GDPR is your opportunity to show your customers you're treating their data seriously by offering clear and explicit consent options.

Upgrade your personalization by offering GDPR re-permissioning information in multiple languages.

Still have questions? We've got answers in our GDPR FAQ.

If all of this is not enough, dig into our blog series on GDPR, and wow your friends with your in depth knowledge.

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