Miami Advanced Workshop

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In April 2018, some of our best and brightest flew down to Miami for our second Advanced Workshop. If you were there with us, thank you for making it such a great experience! (And to the owner of the little Boston terrier that couldn't stay away from our sessions: you have a truly awesome dog.)

Whether you joined us in person or not, we want to make sure you have access to all the great presentations and how-to documentation from the workshop. We've gathered the decks and created an annotated guide for each one. You'll find a curated list of the most useful and relevant help docs (including some we created especially for this), so that you can start putting these best practices to work right away.

Jake Cohen
Director of Product

Steering Clear of the Spam Folder

Discover what the most effective Klaviyo customers do to maintain excellent deliverability even while aggressively growing their lists. Find out the hidden costs of sending to your less-engaged subscribers — and how you can incorporate good sending practices to improve your inbox placement.

Agata Celmerowski
VP Marketing

9 Rules for Effective Segmentation

If you’re sending the same emails to everyone on your list, this session might make you want to change that completely. See how to incorporate recency, frequency, and spend into a complete model for understanding and targeting your subscribers. Precision targeting is the name of the game here! (Don't miss the detailed how-to guide we put together for this one.)

Alex Edelstein
Product Manager

Branching Out With the Visual Flow Builder

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all abandoned cart flow or post-purchase series. See how to take advantage of flow branching, the simplest — yet most powerful — tool in your automation toolbox. Get inspired by creative ideas that real customers are using to level up even the most standard flows.

Agata Celmerowski
VP Marketing

Winning in Ecommerce Today

Too many tools - how do you choose the right one (or ones) for your business? Start by understanding the landscape, then begin asking, "What do I know about my customers, and what do I need to know?" From here you're ready swim through the martech sea of options and choose the right tools for you.

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