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This is a special guide to help you get up and running with our Segment Analyzer tools.

Note that these tools are not directly supported by Klaviyo at this time, but intended as a helpful addition to our existing functionality. Try to troubleshoot by googling and using the information provided in the presentation on Segmentation Optimization.

Get Set Up

First get your own copy of the tool, then get setup with a private API key from your Klaviyo account and your Placed Order metric ID.

  1. Make a copy of this doc for yourself. (If you’re logged into a Google Account, go to the File menu -> Make a Copy)
  2. Open Klaviyo, and navigate to Account Settings > API Keys.
  3. Generate a new API key, give it a name, and then copy it. It will be in the format of “pk_” and then a string of letters and number afterwards.
  4. Paste that new API key into the field on the sheet to the right of “API Key”.
  5. Return to Klaviyo and navigate to your Metrics page from the left-hand navigation.
  6. Find your “Placed Order” Metric in the list and click on it.
  7. In your URL bar, find the 6-character ID. This is a unique identifier for your own account’s Placed Order account. It will be in the format of “MuTjBk” but unique to your account.
  8. Copy and paste this value to the right of “Placed Order ID” field in the Segment Analyzer.

After you've done this, the Customer Data for Subscriber Segment tab of the sheet is ready to use.

Analyze a Segment

Create a segment in Klaviyo of recent new customers, and one additional criteria. It’s okay to include suppressed customers in this list, because we won’t be emailing them - we’re using them to learn about what they purchase. Some good places to start with are preferences that you’ve collected in the past - size, colors, gender, style, needs, and so on. You may try a few different criteria before you find one that makes a meaningful difference, so it’s okay to pick something to start with and explore from there.

After the segment finishes running, go to the “Manage Segment” menu and export the segment. You’ll get a CSV file in a few seconds.

Copy the ID column out of the CSV, and paste it into the ID column in the Segment Analyzer.

After a few seconds, depending on the size of your segment, the rest of the sheet will fill in. On the right hand side, you’ll see calculated results for the most popular product amongst first-time customers, and their average spend in your store.

Re-run these results for different slices of your customer base.

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