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For each list in Klaviyo, you will be able to edit and customize the different pages contacts see when they subscribe. You can navigate to these pages by selecting the particular list you would like to edit the forms for, clicking Subscribe Pages, and then View All Pages. The pages available are:

  • Subscribe Pages
    • Subscribe
    • Confirm Your Email
    • Email Confirmation
    • Opt-In Confirmed
  • Manage Preferences
    • Preferences
    • Preferences Confirmation
  • Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe Confirmation

Subscribers will see these pages when they sign up for your newsletter list (or any other list that they sign up for), which is why you must first navigate to the particular list before you edit these pages. By reviewing and updating these forms, you can control the messages your subscribers see when they first opt-in, as well as when they unsubscribe.

Your subscribe and manage preferences pages will allow you to provide your subscribers the opportunity to tell you more about themselves. You can prompt subscribers to share information like age, gender, preferred email frequency, or which types of products they are most interested in.

Preferences pages can be inserted into an email using the Manage Preferences tag found in the Insert Tag dropdown of the text editor. Please note that if you are inserting a manage preferences tag in an event-based flow email or an campaign sent to a segment, you will edit the Manage Preferences page in the Default Email Forms tab in your account.

Update Opt-In Related Pages for a List

To access all opt-in related pages, navigate to the list they are connected to. Next, click Subscribe Pages in the menu bar.

When you click View All Pages, you will be redirected to a page where all opt-in related pages live.


When you click View All Pages, you will see the following menu of all opt-in related pages:


Customize a List's Subscribe / Preferences Page

When you click on the preferences page for a given list, you will notice that here isn't any "Add Fields" section. This is because the preferences page for a list mirrors the subscribe page. So, to edit the preferences page, you must first edit the subscribe page.

When someone first signs up, you will want to collect as much information as you can, since some subscribers may never decide to update their preferences. Any fields you'd like to appear on your preferences page must be added directly to the list's subscribe page first.


Fields and Sections that Cannot Be Updated

Some fields and sections of your unsubscribe and opt-in pages cannot be edited. Any section without a dotted outline can not be changed. For example, on the Email Confirmation page you can edit the logo, the heading, and the text field above the subscribe button. On the other hand, you can not edit the following "Confirm Your Subscription" message:


You cannot modify the subject line of the confirmation emails users received after clicking Subscribe on a the opt-in confirmation page. The subject of this confirmation email defaults to the following, where <list name> is replaced with the name of your list the subscribe page is synced with:

Confirm Your Subscription to <list name>

Here is an example subject line from a confirmation email for a list named "Newsletter":


Redirect Opted-In Subscribers to a Thank You Page

If you want to automatically redirect opted-in subscribers to your own Thank You page, you can do this on the "Opt-In Confirmed" page for your list.

Here, you will see a Redirect drop-down on the right-hand side of the page. If you click this drop-down, you will see a window that says, "Skip this page and redirect to ____." This is where you can enter the URL for your Thank You page. When subscribers opt in, they will then be directed to your custom Thank You page instead of seeing a standard "Opt-In Confirmed" message.


Unsubscribe vs. Manage Preferences

Unsubscribe and Manage Preferences pages are often used together, since most marketers would rather recipients change their email preferences rather than unsubscribe completely.

While it isn't currently possible to add preference options to an unsubscribe page, you can still include a link to your preferences page on your unsubscribe page.

Default Email Forms

In your account's main navigation sidebar, you will see a Default Email Forms tab where you can edit default manage preferences and unsubscribe pages. Default emails forms are used exclusively when emails are sent to segments or in flow emails triggered by an event -- so, if you insert a {% manage_preferences %} or {% unsubscribe %} in either of these types of emails, the default email forms will be used.

When you send a campaign to a list or a list-triggered flow (for example, a welcome series), the default email forms will not be used. Instead, you can edit these pages for the applicable list as outlined above.

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