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When moving over to Klaviyo, one crucial step in getting started is migrating all your signup forms from your previous ESP to Klaviyo. This allows contacts to feed directly into Klaviyo, which means you can safely disable the integration with your previous ESP (if there is one) without worrying that new contacts will be synced to your old account. Klaviyo offers several types of built-in signup forms, including:

Klaviyo offers several types of built-in signup forms, including:

Popups and flyouts can be configured in the Signup Forms tab in your account using Klaviyo's intuitive drag-and-drop builder, while the code for embedded forms can be found by navigating to List Name > Signup Forms > Standard Embed. Embedded forms can be added to your site by pasting a code snippet on the appropriate page on your website, but specific instructions can vary depending on your ecommerce integration. For integration-specific instructions, find your ecommerce integration in the list below:

When using these forms, it is also possible to add fields to collect custom information about your subscribers. For example, you may want to know a subscriber’s gender preference or birthday. You can collect this information by adding fields to a form. These custom properties will then be added to new subscribers’ profiles in Klaviyo and become available for segmentation and flow filtering, allowing you to send more targeted emails.

Klaviyo also integrates with a number of third-party list growth tools.

Additionally, there are a number of opt-in related pages in your account. These can be edited on a per-list basis, as well as in the Default Email Forms tab. These pages include:

  • Subscribe Pages
    • Subscribe
    • Confirm Your Email (for double opt-in lists)
    • Email Confirmation (for double opt-in lists)
    • Opt-In Confirmed (for double opt-in lists)
  • Manage Preferences
    • Preferences
    • Preferences Confirmation
  • Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe
    • Unsubscribe Confirmation

When you are sending to a list, these pages can be edited on a per-list basis and can be found by clicking the List Name > Subscribe Pages > View All Pages. For example, when someone signs up for your newsletter and this list is double opt-in, you’ll want to be sure to edit the “Confirm Your Email,” “Email Confirmation,” and “Opt-In Confirmed” pages for this particular list.

When you send to a segment or flow, however, subscribers will be shown the pages in the Preferences Pages tab. So, if someone unsubscribes from an email sent to a segment, they will be shown the default unsubscribe page, which is why it’s important to edit the forms in this tab as well.

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