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There are several different ways you can review how your flow emails are performing, whether you're interested in an "at a glance" view of all emails in your flow or a deep dive into a specific email in your series.

The 30 Day Analytics Snapshot

When you click on any email card, in the lefthand sidebar, you will see a snapshot of analytics from the last 30 days. Here, you can see the following:

  • Waiting
    If your flow email is scheduled to send after X number of hours/days, the number of people waiting for scheduled emails will appear here
  • Needs Review
    If your flow email is (or was at some point) in manual mode, the total number of people with "ready to send" emails will appear here
  • Delivered
    Here, you can observe the number of people that have received this flow email in the last 30 days
  • Open Rate
    The average open rate for this email over the last 30 days
  • Click Rate
    The average click rate for this email over the last 30 days
  • Conversion Rate
    The average conversion rate for this email over the last 30 days -- by default, this is set to Placed Order rate
  • Revenue
    Total revenue earned over the last 30 days

This 30-day snapshot is designed to give you a quick look at how your flow is performing, email-by-email. If you click on View all Analytics, you will be taken to the full analytics overview for the email.


Show Analytics on the Visual Canvas

In order to understand how a flow is performing overall, you will want to view email performance across your whole series. A powerful feature in the Visual Flow Builder is the option to Show Analytics on the visual canvas itself.

To enable this feature, once inside the builder for a given flow, click Show Analytics on the top header menu. When you do, you will see all email cards expand to feature a 30-day analytics snapshot that shows:

  • Open Rate
    Average open rate for this email over the last 30 days
  • Click Rate
    Average click rate for this email over the last 30 days
  • Selected Conversion Metric "Rate"
    For the conversion metric you have selected for your account, we'll report the percentage of conversions over the last 30 days
  • Selected Conversion Metric "Value"
    If your selected conversion metric has an associated value (like revenue) we'll also show the attributed value generated over the last 30 days

This feature allows you to run through all emails in your series at a glance to compare key performance indicators such as open/clicks and attributed revenue. This also allows you to easily compare emails in split paths side-by-side.

Flow Email Overview Report 

If you click View all Analytics within the Analytics section of an email's configuration sidebar, you will be taken directly to the Analytics Overview tab for your flow email. 


The graph at the top of the page will always show daily activity over the last month for your email. You can toggle on/off the different metrics that populate this graph, choosing from delivered, opened, clicked, and then a conversion metric of your choice. 


The conversion metric you see populating this overview report can be adjusted. To change the conversion metric in this view, just click on the metric itself and you will see a menu pop up. While most other platforms only track revenue conversions, in Klaviyo this conversion metric is always configurable. You can update it by clicking on the name of the metric and choosing a different one; this allows you to get a comprehensive understanding of how your flow emails performed across a number of different metrics by toggling in real-time.


The analytics overview area below the graph shows more detail around how recipients have engaged with your flow email. Key things to note:

  • Opens and Clicks
    The opened and clicked data you see directly under the graph represents unique opens and clicks, whereas the Total Opens and Total Clicks data you see at the bottom of this report represents all opens/clicks recorded
  • Conversion Metric
    Below the section with opened and clicked data, you will see a star icon that represents a configurable conversion metric -- you can change this metric by clicking on it and using the menu that pops up; the metric you select will also determine the data that populates next to it (i.e. the Placed Order metric will populate a related Revenue data point, whereas the Ordered Product metric will populate a related Ordered Product Value data point)
  • Spam Complaints
    The report for a flow email will always show the percentage of spam complaints received; this number does not represent the percentage of emails that went to spam, but rather what percentage of people marked the email as spam after receiving it in their primary inbox
  • Successful Deliveries and Bounces
    If you notice that your successful delivery rate drops below 99%, and your bounce rate is increasing above 1%, this suggests it's probably time to clean your lists
  • Total Opens/Total Clicks
    The numbers here represent all opens/clicks recorded (not uniques); you can learn more about the difference.

Change the timeframe of this report by clicking on the set time range in the upper right-hand side of the report. View analytics across a range of different timeframes, and establish your own range by choosing custom dates.


Review Recipient Activity

The Recipient Activity tab contains data about how people are interacting with your flow email. You can sort the data to easily find a particular email address or see who has opened/clicked your email the greatest number of times. This data can be exported by clicking the Export CSV button.

The recipient activity data available here includes: 

  • Waiting
    If your flow email is scheduled to send after X number of hours/days, the 
    number of people waiting for scheduled emails will appear here
  • Needs Review
    If your flow email is (or was at some point) in manual mode, the individuals with emails that are ready to go out will appear here -- from this tab, you can review and then choose to send/cancel these emails
  • Recipients
    Every person who has received the email in their inbox
  • Opened
    People who have opened the email at least once
  • Clicked
    People who have clicked a link inside the email
  • Other
    In the Other dropdown menu, you will find the following recipient activity details:
    • Unsubscribed
      Total people who unsubscribed through the unsubscribe link in your email
    • Marked as Spam
      Total people who have marked this email as spam after receiving it
    • Bounced
      When trying to send to these people, we received a delivery failure notification
    • Skipped
      The Skipped section will include buckets for each reason people may have been skipped

The Skipped section of the Recipient Activity tab is very important. This is where you should look if you're concerned that individuals are not receiving your flow emails as expected. Common reasons why individuals may be getting skipped by a flow email:

  • Smart Sending
    If smart sending is turned on for your flow email, individuals that have received another email within your smart sending period will not receive this email
  • Missing Email
    If the email for a given contact is invalid (i.e. something like "edjfo@jfofj.cjd"), this person will be skipped
  • Person Suppressed
    If someone is suppressed in your account, he/she will be skipped from all email sends automatically
  • Fails Flow Filters
    Klaviyo will apply Flow Filters when someone first enters your flow, but also again before each flow email sends -- those that fail the Flow Filters at send time will be skipped
  • Fails Additional Filters
    If you apply Additional Filters to your flow email, and individuals fail these filters at send time, they will be skipped

Review Link Activity

The Link Activity tab contains analytics for the links tracked in your flow email. Klaviyo tracks the total unique people that have clicked, the total number of clicks (not unique), the average click per person, and the total people that did not click. Below the analytics is a list of all links that have been included in your flow email if your email has dynamic content that populates unique links for each recipient. Otherwise, you will see a list of the top 25 links in each campaign, including the unique and total clicks. You can toggle your view here from Table view to Visual view. If your flow email is A/B tested, you can toggle here between each variation as well.

Advanced Reports

The Advanced Reports tab features three main sections:

  1. Performance by Email Domain
    The domain of an email address is what comes after the @ sign (i.e. ""); if you are noticing general email deliverability issues, this advanced report can help you determine if these issues can be isolated to a specific email domain.
  2. Performance by Email Client
    Here, you can gain insight into how your recipients are reading your email -- we report the % of emails viewed on desktop vs. mobile, as well as a detailed breakdown of performance for each desktop and mobile client. If your audience is mainly viewing your email on mobile, optimizing your templates for mobile viewing should become a priority.
  3. Performance by Country
    This section can help you better understand your contact-base; paying attention to the performance breakdown by country can help you optimize send times and messaging for your primary audience.

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