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At the end of January, we released a brand new Klaviyo Flow Builder that provides a simple drag-and-drop interface and a dynamic visual canvas. We also added in some exciting new features -- like Flow Branching -- to provide more powerful marketing automation for all our customers.

On February 28th, 2018, we are automatically upgrading all flows to our new visual flow builder.

What happens on February 28th? All remaining legacy flows will be converted into visual flows, and it will no longer be possible to create or edit flows in the legacy flow builder. Your existing flows will not be modified or interrupted at all during this process. You can upgrade your flows to the new builder sooner, on your own, by clicking Convert All Legacy Flows on the main Flows page.

Why are we doing this? Over the next few months, we are committed to further expanding what's possible with Klaviyo Flows. We are adding new builder components so you can automate more of your business, and are also releasing a library full of best practice flows and new ideas to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

With all the exciting features in the works for our new flow builder, it’s time to say goodbye to our legacy flow builder and pave the way for what's to come.


With the launch of Klaviyo's new visual flow builder, there is a new way to build and experience automation in Klaviyo.

Current Klaviyo customers will notice that any existing flows created in the legacy builder will remain untouched -- meaning they will remain in the legacy builder. However, there are two ways to migrate forward & upgrade your existing flows into the visual builder:

  • Convert flows one-at-a-time
  • Convert all legacy flows at once

When you convert a flow, we will not make any changes to your flow. Any recipients already moving through your flow will remain scheduled with no disruption, and all analytics will also be preserved. The send status and all settings for each flow email will remain the same. A live flow email will remain live with no interruption through the conversion process.

In addition to our upgraded visual drag-and-drop flow builder, upgrading to the new flow builder will unlock brand new features for Flows:

When you convert a flow into the visual builder, note that this is a permanent action; there isn't a way to revert this upgrade.

Convert a Single Flow

When you click Go Visual for a single flow, you will first see a dialogue popup appear that explains more about this function.

If you click Convert Flow in this popupthis will initiate the conversion process for that single flow. You will remain in the popup and notice the button change to "Converting...". Once the conversion process completes, you will automatically be taken in the visual flow builder to see your converted flow. This process should not take more than a few seconds!

On the main Flows page, all visual flows will be tagged with a Visual Flow badge while legacy flows still remain in your account. Once you've converted all your flows, this badge will disappear. Below you can see one flow that is yet to be converted, above another flow that has already been converted:

Convert All Legacy Flows

When you click Convert All to Visual Flows at the top of the page, you will first see a dialogue popup appear that explains more about this function.

If you click Convert Flows in this popupthis will initiate the conversion process for all legacy flows in your account. While this process completes, you will be taken back to the main Flows page and should see a conversion progress bar for each legacy flow. Once the conversion process completes for a given flow, you will see the progress bar disappear and a "Visual Flow" badge will be visible for every converted flow. It should not take more than a few seconds to convert all your flows and upgrade you to the new visual flow builder.

Conversion FAQ

Will any changes be made to my flow when I convert it?
No. When you convert a flow, we will not make any changes to your flow. All we do when you click convert is render this same exact flow in our new visual builder!

How long will it take to convert a single flow?
A single flow should convert within 1-5 seconds. If you have 100+ emails in your flow, it may take up to 10 seconds to convert your series.

Will I lose any analytics when I convert a flow?
No. The converted flow will be the same exact flow and no analytics will be lost.

Will any recipients moving through a flow be impacted during the conversion process?
No. Any recipients scheduled for emails within a flow will remain scheduled and will not be impacted.

Will my Live emails remain Live after I convert?
Yes. Live emails will remain Live, and all other emails will retain their send status.

Will the IDs of any flow emails update or change when I convert a flow?
No. The ID of your flow will remain the same, and the IDs of all flow emails will also remain the same. This means if you're referencing a flow or flow email by ID in any segments (or other flow filters) you won't have to make any updates or changes.

I'm seeing an error that Klaviyo cannot convert one of my flows.
This error will only appear if you have a mix of email scheduling in your flow, where some emails are scheduled "After X Days at Y Time" and others are scheduled "After Z Hours" where Z is greater than 24 hours. When some emails have a time-of-day specified for sending, while others do not, we aren't able to calculate the relative "wait period" between any two emails -- this is required to migrate a flow forward into the new builder, as in the new builder Time Delays represent the set wait period between emails. If you encounter this error, please contact and we'll help you fix your flow and convert it.

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