How to Export a List of Queued Back in Stock Subscribers

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In Klaviyo, you can export a list of profiles currently waiting for a certain product to come back in stock and how long they've been waiting. This list can teach you more about your audience and in-demand products and can help inform you about what types of products to offer, who to target in future campaigns, and more. 

Only Owners and Admins can export the list of queued back in stock subscribers. Learn more about user roles and privileges

This article covers how to export your currently queued back in stock subscribers to a CSV file. 

Exporting Your Queued Back in Stock Subscribers 

From the Flows tab, go to your back in stock flow and then click on the back in stock delay component. In the left sidebar, click View Back in Stock Product Request Report.


In the upper right, click the Export dropdown. 


In the dropdown, click Currently Queued Subscribers CSV


After you select this, you will be automatically redirected to the Recent Downloads page. Here, the export will show as Processing until it's ready to be downloaded. 

Information in the Currently Queued Subscribers CSV

The Currently Queued Subscribers CSV includes the following columns: 

  • Email
  • Date Added
  • SKU
  • Variant ID
  • Product Title
  • Variant Title
  • Unit Price

Additional Resources

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