Add a Pre-Built Flow


Add a Pre-Built Flow to Your Account

Klaviyo comes with pre-built flows based on the type of business you have and the integrations you add. We continually review and add new pre-built flows as we have new ideas to share. Pre-built flows are automatically added to your account when you sign up and as you add integrations. To view them, click on the Flows tab. Default flow emails are set up with sensible defaults and customized with the theme options you set when you sign up. All flow emails are set to send manually, so potential recipients can queue up, but no emails will be sent until you've had an opportunity to review the timing and content of each email.

If you accidentally delete a pre-built flow or want to start with a fresh copy, you can re-add any pre-built flow by clicking on the Browse Ideas button. Click on the flow you want to add, and a new flow will be created in your account you can edit and start sending.

Where to Find Pre-Built Flows

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