View Flows


To view the flows in your account, click on the Flows tab.

Many integrations have pre-built flows that are created when you add each integration. For example, after you add an ecommerce integration like Shopify, Magento, etc., abandoned cart, browse abandoned, post-purchase, and other flows will automatically be added.

The Flows Page

From the flows page, you can view all of the flows in your account. You can filter which flows to view by folder or by flow status. Flows are in one of the following statuses:

  • Live: Flows that have at least one live flow email.
  • Manual: Flows that have have no live flow emails and at least one manual flow email. A flow email in the manual state will not send automatically. Instead, emails that would be sent if the email were live will be moved to a review state which you can review them before they are sent. This is useful if you want to check the filters on a flow or review the first emails before they're sent.
  • Draft: Flows that have no live or manual flow emails. This will also include flows which have no flow emails.

From this page you can create a new flow, browse pre-built flow ideas based on the integrations you've added and export analytics for flows and flow emails. You can also access exports from the last 30 days by navigating to the Downloads tab from your Account Page.

For each flow, you can update the flow's name and folder, clone it, or delete it. 


Export Flow Analytics

You can export a summary of overall flow and individual email analytics by clicking on the Export Analytics button.

There are a few options when exporting analytics:

  • Time Range: Limit the analytics exported for each flow to a specific time period. By default, the period is all-time, however you may want to only export recent results if you're updating or testing email content.
  • Folder: Limit analytics to flows in specific folders.


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