Explore the "Watch Live" Campaign Map


The Watch Live Campaign Map can be found by navigating to the Campaigns tab, clicking on any sent campaign, and clicking on Watch Live.

This feature offers a real-time world map tracking the locations of all key campaign send metrics. The Watch Live Map will help you visualize the geography of your customer base and quickly see where your active customers are concentrated.

How the Watch Live Campaign Map Works

This live map feature is fully interactive and powered by Google Maps, so you can zoom to view metrics anywhere in the world. You can also use the toggle tools at the top to isolate opens, clicks, or orders placed. Opens will be displayed in blue, clicks in orange, and orders placed in green.

If you’d like to change the conversion metric from orders placed, you can change it on the campaign report's Overview tab - when you make this change, your new chosen metric will be displayed instead in green. If you already use a different conversion metric than orders placed, you won’t have to alter anything.

When you click one of the map's dropped pins, you’ll see relevant data related to who the pin represents: the campaign recipient’s name and location (including city, state or region, and country).


  • The counter at the top of the page records total clicks and opens, not unique clicks and opens.
  • Because our campaign maps operate in real-time, metrics shown here will likely be a few minutes ahead of the tally on your campaign overview page.

What You Can Learn from Campaign Maps

These maps will give you quick, easy insight into where the majority of your active customers are located. Using this information, you can determine whether or not you should be sending your campaigns based on time zone, or if there are locations where people on your mailing list are more apt to purchase.

Say, for example, you’re based in New York, but notice a huge percentage of your orders are placed in India. Given this knowledge, you may want to shift your marketing focus by catering specifically to this demographic and creating a segment to send them customized campaigns.

Overall Summary of Feature: Our campaign maps will live update, so you can track the progress of your campaigns in real-time and view a visualization of where your customers are located. This, in turn, can help you further tailor your email marketing efforts to specific locations.

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