Add an Additional Filter to a Single Flow Email



As you begin configuring more complex flows, you may want to design a flow where certain contacts only get certain emails within the flow. This can create a type of branching effect within a single flow.

This guide will walk through how to add an additional filter to a flow email, and then provide a few examples of key use-cases for this feature.

Add an Additional Filter to a Flow Email

First, click on the flow email and navigate to the Review tab. Here, you will see a section labeled Additional Filters.


If you click Edit here, you will see a window pop up. This is where you can configure and apply additional filters that will be specific to the email you have selected.


Example: Send Email B only to Non-Openers of Email A

Let's say you have a flow that sends to customers several weeks after their first purchase, encouraging them to order again. Your first email might have the subject line, "We Missed You." This email may provide a discount code or some other incentive to convince your customer to come back.

As you add additional emails to this flow, you may want to consider sending certain messages only to those that have failed to open a prior message. This is a great way to resend a great offer or partially recycle a great design until you grab the attention of your customers.

This additional filter will consist of one condition: 

What someone has done (or not done) > has Opened Email zero times over all time 
> where Subject equals ______

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