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Peer-to-peer fundraising can be a large contributor to a non-profit’s fundraising effort. By leveraging the networks of existing supporters, an organization can significantly expand their fundraising reach.

One challenge with peer-to-peer fundraising is that your fundraisers may have little to no experience raising money. To help guide new fundraisers through that process after they have taken the leap to create a Fundraising Page, we’ve built a Fundraising Page Kickoff flow so you can send them tips and motivation to be successful.

This guide will walk you through how to leverage Klaviyo’s out-of-the-box Fundraising Page Kickoff flow and make it your own in just a few minutes. 

The Fundraising Page Kickoff Flow

Once you integrate your donation platform with Klaviyo, a number of pre-built flows will automatically populate into your account, including the Fundraising Page Kickoff flow. You can check out all pre-built flows here.

For the Fundraising Page Kickoff flow, the trigger for will be: Created Fundraising Page

If you'd like to target a specific group of fundraisers (ex. those who created a fundraising page after 1/1/2016), you can simply adjust the filters is this flow. Learn more about flow triggers and filters.

Klaviyo's pre-built Fundraising Page Kickoff flow consists of 4 emails, but you can add as many emails to this series as you'd like.

The first email will welcome and thank your new fundraiser. Emails 2-4 will provide tips to help your fundraiser be successful:

  • Email #1 is scheduled to go out 1 hour after someone has created a new fundraising page for the first time. This email will introduce the new fundraiser to his/her fundraising page and provide advice on how to get started. Here, you can share tips on how a fundraiser can get to a first donation, or include a link to a resource page or eBook.
  • Email #2-4 are scheduled to go out 3, 6, and 9 days later and will provide best practice tips to help your fundraiser reach certain fundraising thresholds. There is a dynamic link in each email that will bring the reader back to his/her own fundraising page.

While all of these templates come with a default layout and suggested content, our intuitive drag-and-drop template editor makes it easy to modify each template to fit within your organization's unique fundraising strategy. 

Turn Your Flow Live

Once you’re finished customizing your email content and are ready to enable your new autoresponder, switch each email in the flow from Manual (or Draft) to Live.


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