Create a Twitter Lead Generation Card

Create a Twitter Lead Generation Card

A twitter lead generation card is a way to use Twitter Cards to generate leads directly within a tweet. Keep in mind, however, these occur only within Promoted Tweets.

This a great way to generate new contacts because the user's information -- name, email address, and Twitter username -- are all automatically pulled into the Card.  All users have to do is click 'Submit' on the Twitter Card (more here:

When creating a Twitter lead generation card, this is the first screen you'll see:


From here, all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Under submit URL, you'll want to enter: Once you do that, a dropdown will appear right under it. Make sure that's set to POST.


Once this is complete, you'll move onto the next section and fill in those blanks with the following:

For name, it should be $name, for email it should be $email, and for screen name it should be $twitter. Last thing, you need to click is the "Add hidden field button." That'll ask for a key and value. The key should be $list and the value will be your Klaviyo list ID. You can find the list ID by going to your list in Klaviyo, clicking Settings in the list navigation, and then the list ID will be right on the page. The list ID is six characters long and contains numbers and letters.


After that, you can save it. Twitter will test that everything is set up, but you should be all set! You'll begin to see new subscribers in your Klaviyo list with the email address of your Twitter account!

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