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This article will walk you through integrating UserVoice with Klaviyo. After you enable Klaviyo's UserVoice integration, you'll be able to track and target customers based on their interactions with your Support team.

Adding the UserVoice integration will allow Klaviyo to track all tickets customers are opening, closing, commenting on, and which tickets are being resolved.

Obtain your Subdomain, API Key, and API Secret Token

First, you'll need to obtain your subdomain, API key, and API secret token. You can get your UserVoice API token by logging into your UserVoice account and navigating to Settings -> Integrations tab -> Click Add API key.


Give your API key a name and leave "Trusted?" unchecked. Then, click Add API key.

An API Key and API Secret Token will then be generated. Once you've obtained your API Key and API Secret Token from UserVoice, navigate back to Klaviyo.

Enable the UserVoice Integration in Klaviyo

Click on the Integrations tab in the left sidebar of your account.

Navigate to the All Integrations tab and find UserVoice on the list of available integrations. All integrations are in alphabetical order. Click Add Integration.

Here, in Settings, you will be prompted to enter the following required information:

  • Your UserVoice Subdomain
  • Your API Key
  • Your API Secret

After you provide these details, click Connect to UserVoice to enable the integration.

Monitor the UserVoice Sync 

To check your enabled integration, navigate to the Metrics tab in your Klaviyo account.

Find UserVoice's Opened Ticket metric and click on the Activity Feed icon. If your integration has begun syncing data, you will start to see tickets opened through UserVoice populate here. Once the UserVoice integration has a green border next to it in your Klaviyo account's Integrations tab, your integration is fully synced.

The UserVoice Metrics

From UserVoice, Klaviyo will automatically import information about support tickets (opened ticket, resolved ticket, and updated ticket) and any comments left on tickets from customers.


Opened Ticket

This event is tracked when a customer opens a ticket. The event Klaviyo tracks will include who opened the ticket, the name of the ticket, and a link to the ticket inside of UserVoice.

Resolved Ticket

This event is tracked when an email has been "resolved." UserVoice marks a ticket as "resolved" once the conversation around the issue has terminated, and there is no more followup.

Updated Ticket

This event is tracked any time a customer updates their ticket. A ticket is updated when there has been any activity on it -- assigned, custom field changes, and status changes (closed/open).

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