Sync a Shopify Signup Form to a Klaviyo List



If your Shopify store's theme has a built-in newsletter subscribe form -- often located in the footer of the theme -- these instructions will walk you through updating the settings for this signup form so that the form points to a Klaviyo list of your choice.

If you're using one of Shopify's free themes, or if you want to see more examples, we've got an article that walks through adding a Klaviyo form to each of Shopify's free themes.


If you don't leverage this footer form, or are otherwise interested in how to fully migrate other subscriber lists and sign up forms to Klaviyo, explore the following two guides:

Update Your Shopify Sign Up Form (newer Shopify templates)

In the left navigation panel in Klaviyo, click on Lists & Segments. Either use an existing list or create a new one. People who subscribe to your newsletter will be added to that list. After you select the list, click on Sign Up Forms and then click on Embed. Scroll down to the Here's the Code section and select all the code in that box. Then, copy it to your clipboard. 


In your shop admin, go to the Themes page. From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, and then click Themes. Find the theme you want to edit, click Actions > Edit Code. Under the Snippets folder, click Add a new snippet. Name your snippet newsletter. Paste the Klaviyo embed code you just copied into your new newsletter.liquid snippet and click Save.


Under the Layouts folder, click theme.liquid to open it in the online code editor. Find the footer area of your theme. Under the footer section of your theme, include this snippet:

{% include 'newsletter' %}

Click Save. The newsletter form should now appear in your footer on every page. Please note that styling of the signup form is not customized to your theme.

Update your Shopify Footer Sign Up Form (older Shopify templates)


Shopify recently went through a major overhaul (late 2016). The Form Action URL described below does not appear in newer themes. For instructions for newer themes please see the section above. forward to the following section.

Replace your Shopify Form Action URL with the Subscribe URL for your Klaviyo list. To find your Form Action URL, click the Themes tab in the back-end of your Shopify store, then click Customize Theme.

Next, scroll down to the Footer header and open up that tab. This section may instead be labeled Newsletter, depending on your store's theme.


This Form Action URL field may be labeled, "MailChimp form action URL." You can insert your Klaviyo subscribe URL into this same field and it will still work. If you are also prompted to choose a form setting where the options include Shopify and MailChimp, choose MailChimp. 

There you'll see an empty block where you can enter the subscribe URL for your list.


You can find the Subscribe URL for any Klaviyo list by clicking Subscribe Pages within the list.


From there, you'll be taken to the subscribe page, where you can access your list's Subscribe URL. This is what you'll paste into the Form Action URL field in the back-end of your Shopify store.


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