Amazon Marketplace & Marketing Emails

Amazon's Guidelines

Amazon has strict guidelines about the types of emails you can send to buyers. Email you send to buyers cannot contain any of the following:

  • Links to any website
  • Seller logos if they contain or display a link to the seller's website
  • Any marketing message or promotion
  • Any promotions for additional products or referrals to third-party products or promotions

Because of this, we only recommend setting up the Amazon Marketplace integration if you need to send post-purchase instructions or information about someone's order to Amazon buyers.

For more information, review their guidelines:

Limit Sending to Amazon Buyers Using Klaviyo

In Klaviyo, we make it easy to exclude customers with an Amazon email domain from any flows. To do this, just add a Flow Filter: Properties about Someone > Email doesn't contain

If you plan to send a campaign, you can create a dynamic segment that represents your send list and then add a filter similar to the one above.

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