Add Link that Automatically Adds an Item to a Customer's Cart


When you are targeted and personal with your email marketing, your recipients are more likely to open your emails. Getting someone to open your email is only the first step, however - you really want to increase the percentage of recipients that engage (not just open) and ultimately click through to your website and shop.

If you are prompting someone to view and purchase a specific product - let's say, an on sale item - you may want to provide a link/button where this person can click and instantly add the item to his/her shopping cart. With Klaviyo, this is easy!

Create Link that Adds an Item to a Customer's Cart

First, find the Product ID for the relevant item in BigCommerce. You can find this ID by exporting the product from BigCommerce and checking the Product ID column, or by editing the product and locating the Product ID in the URL.

In Klaviyo, find the email template you'd like to edit and drag a Button block into your template; you can use whatever Button Text you'd like. We'll be updating the Link URL field. *


Here, you will want to enter the following string as the Link URL:

{{ organization.url }}cart.php?action=add&product_id=##

Where you see ##, you will want to replace these double hashes with the Product ID for the item you'd like to get added to the shoppers cart.

And that's it! This button, when clicked, will take the recipient directly to his/her shopping cart on your website with the specified product already there waiting.

* If you don't want to use a button, you can hyperlink any text and use the same URL string.

Please note that this can only be done for products without options. 
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