Use Klaviyo & Facebook Custom Audiences for Targeted Advertising

What is an Advertising Audience?

Effective advertising combines:

  • Goal: An intended outcome or objective
  • Message: What you want people to do or believe
  • Audience: Who you think cares or will care
  • Measurement: A way to know if you accomplished your goal

Focusing on a target audience is important for any marketing or advertising effort. Why? First and foremost, you likely have a limited budget for marketing/ad campaigns and this usually limits how many people you can reach. Being targeted ensures your dollars are spent reaching the people you care about (i.e. those you think are most likely to care about you).

Coming up with the right message is also a lot easier when you have a defined audience. Having a targeted audience also helps ensure the campaign you're building is actually aligned with the goal you've set.

For example, let's say you're an online flower business that is building a marketing campaign for Mother's Day. Your typical audience, as a flower business, likely consists of women; studies show 79% of all flower purchasers are women. Research also shows that 46% of consumers are buying outdoor plants versus only 34% buying cut flowers. On Mother's Day, however, nearly 80% of sales come from cut flowers, and the main purchasing group is men. This means building an effective marketing campaign for Mother's Day requires a significant shift in terms of message and audience - if you have a goal of driving up sales around this holiday, the right type of audience targeting is critical.

Facebook Audiences & Ads Manager

Facebook collects a lot of data from users. From demographic data to interests and hobbies, Facebook has a robust and growing database of information about its user base. Some information is self-reported, like the information you share about yourself when creating a new account. Other information is collected as you engage with Facebook and other third-parties that are either integrated or working in partnership with Facebook. In addition, Facebook leverages the connections and interactions between people to learn more about individual users. Yeah, they collect a lot of data.

When building an advertising audience with Facebook, you're able to tap into everything Facebook knows about its users.

Advanced options allow targeting based on behavior, language, relationship status, education, politics, job title and more.

If you aren't sure where to start with Facebook advertising, checkout this guide.

In the Facebook Ads Manager, you are guided through the process of building an ads campaign:

  • Pick an Objective: Are you trying to boost awareness, general engagement, or conversions?
  • Setup Ads Account: Details around billing etc.
  • Make decisions on ad placement, audience, schedule etc: This is where you get targeted and shape how you'll achieve your objective
  • Design your ad: What will your ad look like?


In terms of creating an audience, you can build your audiences from scratch or you can choose to use a saved audience, build a custom audience, or create a "lookalike audience". Lookalike audiences let you reach people similar to those you’re already targeting.

Custom Audiences let you move from targeting "cold leads" to targeting "warm leads" that have already engaged with you in some way.

“It’s easier to sell to current customers than to look for new ones, so strengthen your existing connections by using Custom Audiences.” - Facebook

In terms of creating a custom audience, traditionally you have the following options:

  • Upload a customer file of people you want to target
  • Create a list of people who visit your website or view specific web pages with Facebook Pixel
  • Create a list of people who have taken a specific action in your app or game
  • Create a list of people who have engaged with your content on Facebook

Klaviyo’s Audiences integration lets customers create a Custom Audience automatically by syncing a Klaviyo list/segment. No manually exporting and importing data, no manually updating data. Our integration maintains a 1:1 sync between a list or segment in Klaviyo and a custom advertising audience in your Facebook Ads account.

Klaviyo & Facebook Audiences: Best Practices

While Facebook has a lot of information about its users, you likely have a lot of information about your users, customers, and/or subscribers too.

Analyzing user data to find patterns in behavior, and grouping people together based on what you know about them, can be time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, built into Klaviyo is a powerful segmentation tool that lets you slice and dice your data to create meaningful targeted audiences in minutes!

The same segmentation leveraged for targeted emails can now be used for targeted ads:

  • Winback - Target customers that haven’t purchased in a while featuring popular/trending items
  • Re-engage - Target inactive subscribers with a relevant Facebook ad featuring items they’ve viewed on your site or featuring a limited time offer promotion
  • Cross-sell - Target customers who have bought one product (e.g. pants) with a different but complementary product (e.g. shirts)
  • New Customer - Target those that have visited your site but never purchased to encourage a first conversion
  • Cross-Channel - Target those you're already reaching by email with a relevant Facebook ad that reenforces the message and has a similar call-to-action (CTA)
  • Lookalike - Take a high-yield list or segment in Klaviyo and create a Lookalike Audience in Facebook to reach new leads that resemble your best customers
“Running two test campaigns from the Klaviyo list’s: One targeting dead leads; and the other is a US Lookalike list I created from Customers who have spent over $100 with us. So far $5.89 per conversion and a return of 1,591%.”
- Customer using Klaviyo + Facebook Audiences

Learn more

To learn how to get started with Klaviyo's Facebook Advertising integration, click here.

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