Send Klaviyo Data to Segment



With Klaviyo's Segment integration, you can easily sync key Klaviyo metrics into Segment.

This guide explains how to configure Klaviyo's Segment integration - this process requires action steps both inside of Klaviyo and Segment.

Configure the Klaviyo Integration in Segment

First, from your Workspace’s Sources page, click Add Source. Find Klaviyo under the Cloud Apps section, click on it, and then click Connect. 


Give the source a Nickname and a Schema name. The nickname will be used to designate the source in the Segment interface, and the schema name is the namespace you’ll be querying against in your Warehouse. Both can be whatever you like, but we recommend sticking to something that reflects the source itself, like Klaviyo for nickname and klaviyo for the schema name.


After clicking Create Source, you will be taken to the Overview page. Here, copy your Write Key. This is the key you will need to provide Klaviyo in order to enable your integration.

Additional notes:

  • To learn more about the groupings of data Segment will pull from Klaviyo, click here
  • Data will sync from Klaviyo to Segment in real-time
  • If you are also running an integration that syncs Segment data to Klaviyo, Klaviyo will prevent a feedback loop from occurring

Checkout Segment's full guide to integrating with Klaviyo.

Enable the Segment Integration in Klaviyo

In Klaviyo, navigate to:

Here, you will be prompted to fill in your Segment Write Key.

647934After providing your Write Key and clicking Update Segment Settings, you should be all set! If you have fully configured the Klaviyo integration in Segment as explained above, you should see Klaviyo metrics sync into Segment within 5-10 minutes.

To remove or disable this integration, simply click Disable or Remove in the upper right-hand corner of the integration's page.

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