Manually Unsubscribe and Suppress Contacts


Unsubscribe One or More Profiles from a Given List

To manually unsubscribe profiles from a given list, navigate to that list and from the Manage List dropdown select List Suppressions.


The Add Email Address button allows you to manually suppress someone from this specific list. From the List Suppressions page you can filter profiles based on whether they unsubscribed on their own (Unsubscribed), or were added manually (Manually Added).

Unsubscribe One or More Profiles Globally

To manually unsubscribe someone from all emails sent by Klaviyo navaigate to Profiles > Suppressed Profiles.


On this page, you'll see a list of everyone that is currently suppressed. Reasons why someone could be on your suppression list include the following:

  • This person unsubscribed
  • Emails to this person hard bounced
  • This person marked an email of yours as spam
  • This person was manually added to the suppression list

To add a single profile to your suppression list, click the Add Email Address button.

To bulk upload contacts to your suppression list, you can use the Upload File button. Bulk suppressing contacts cannot be undone. This is a permanent action.

In your Account settings, you can navigate to Email Settings and find the section labeled Unsubscribes. Here, you will find a global unsubscribe link that can also be used to globally suppress contacts. If you share this link with someone or include this link in an email, it will allow someone to globally unsubscribe themselves from all your future emails.

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