Create a Birthday Email Flow



Creating a birthday-centric email flow is a great way to build brand loyalty and community with your customers and/or subscribers.

To start, you'll need to start collecting birthdate information from your subscribers and ensure that this data is being recorded in Klaviyo.


You must recreate this flow once a year because users added to a segment based flow cannot be re-added to the flow in the future.

Collecting Subscriber Birthdays 

To create a birthday email flow in Klaviyo, the first step is to collect subscribers' birth-dates and load them as custom properties in Klaviyo. There are two approaches: 

  • If you already have birthday information for existing contacts
    Create a CSV with two columns -- "Email" and "Birthday" -- with the birthdates formatted as "mm/dd/YYYY" or "YYYY-mm-dd." Next, create a new list in Klaviyo and upload your prepared birthdate CSV to this list. After you've uploaded the CSV, delete the list you created. When you upload the CSV, Klaviyo will map and save all birthdate information to each contact's profile as a custom property.
  • If you do not have any birthday information yet
    Create a subscribe page to begin collecting birthdates from new subscribers. You can also add a birthday field to a signup form or manage preferences page to start collecting birthday information. 

Create a Birthday Email Flow

Once you have some subscriber birthdate data in Klaviyo, create a segment to find people whose birthday is today:

Properties about someone > Birthday > day is today

You will want the property value here to be whatever your birthday property is named (if it isn't simply "Birthday"). If the day is today option doesn't appear, remember to set the property type to Date first.


Finally, create a new flow that is triggered when someone is added to your new birthday segment. This flow should be triggered by Added to Segment, with the segment being "Birthday is Today."


We recommend adding a least one email to this flow and scheduling the first email to send immediately. This is how your birthday flow works:

  • Your "Birthday is Today" segment will populate daily with all contacts who have that day as their birthday

  • When your segment updates each day, those who are celebrating a birthday will immediately get queued up for your birthday flow

If none of your contacts are celebrating a birthday on a given day, your "Birthday is Today" segment will be empty.


If you would like to create a segment using the condition Birthday is in the next X days (instead of is today), your birthdates in Klaviyo will have to include the birth year.
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