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New supporters are awesome. They confirm your organization is moving in the right direction and give you feedback that your message is resonating with people. Whether you acquire a new supporter through Google ad visits, organic search, events, or referrals, growing a strong list doesn't stop at acquisition. The key is nurturing new leads to become engaged donors and advocates over the long term.

The potential donor welcome series flow is designed to welcome new supporters, find out what they are interested in, and then ask them to make their first contribution -- all while providing them with personalized, interest-specific content.

The Potential Donor Welcome Series

After you integrate your donation platform, we will add a potential donor welcome series flow to your account (along with a number of other best practice flows). The purpose of this flow is to send relevant and timely communications to new supporters that have not yet made their first contribution.

For most organizations, building a strong base of supporters means collecting email addresses from people interested in your cause so you can engage in ongoing outreach. The potential donor welcome series is triggered when somebody is added to your newsletter list. A few things here:

  • While every Klaviyo account comes pre-populated with an empty newsletter list named "Newsletter," if you already have an existing list or want to grow a brand new list you can check out this guide as a first step. You will then simply have to clone this flow and choose a different list as the trigger.
  • Supporters can be added to a Klaviyo list by subscribing through an online form or getting synced through an integration, or you can manually upload collected email addresses to a specific list. If you are interested in learning how to build your audience with Klaviyo, check out this guide.

To ensure that this flow only sends emails to new supporters who haven't yet made a contribution, there is a filter on this flow: Only include someone if has Made Contribution zero times over all time


The flow filter will be checked before someone enters a flow, but also before each email in the flow sends. This means that if someone makes a contribution while still in this flow, they will be skipped for all subsequent flow emails. 

This flow is designed with three default emails. You can customize these default emails however you'd like. You can also add your own additional emails to extend the series. If you want to make your flow more exclusive, and only target certain types of new subscribers, you can customize this flow even further by adding more filter options.

Customize your Email Content

Email 1: Thanks for Joining

The first email thanks a new supporter for signing up and shares some easy ways to get involved. This email has a simple design and not too much content.

This first email should be triggered within one hour of the contact signing up. The default first email we created for you is configured to go out immediately after a new contact is added to your list.

As you consider adjusting the content of this email, we recommend keeping it short. For example, include your organization's objective or mission and just a few ways to get involved further. While it may be tempting to add a prominent donation button to this first email, we recommend not making this the focus of the email -- you want to build up your relationship with a new supporter before making a hard ask.

Email 2: Issue Collection Email

The second email is designed to do two things:

  • Engage the new supporter with the most important issues your organization is involved in or working on
  • Prompt the supporter to share which issues are most important to him/her

By asking all of your new supporters to tell you what's most important to them, you get immediate feedback on what your supporters find relevant and want to hear more about. You’ll also be able to target your supporters moving forward with content specific to issues they chose.

When someone clicks a button to select an important issue, the supporter will then be prompted to confirm his/her preferences. To learn more about this feature, use this guide. This is an excellent way to get to know your supporters better and collect this information in a way that allows you to leverage it later for more personalized outreach.

Email 3: Call To Action

Nudge your new supporter towards a call to action. This email can come as soon as 48 hours after someone subscribes, or you can choose to build out your series so this email comes after a longer timeframe.

In the third email, we recommend using dynamic content blocks. If a supporter told you which issue they are most interested in after Email 2, in this CTA email you can reference this issue specifically. Learn more about adding dynamic content blocks to your emails.  

If you aren't interested in using dynamic content here, you can alternatively choose to feature your organization's core issue(s) and/or build content that best suits your overall mission and vision. The goal of Email 3 is to not only include a clear CTA around making a donation, but to design an email that will inspire your new supporters to take the leap and making a first contribution.

Turn Your Flow Live

Once you’re finished customizing your email content and are ready to enable your new autoresponder, switch each email in the flow from manual (or draft) to live.

Depending on when you connected your sign up forms or started adding emails to your list, you may want to back-populate your flow when getting started. Learn more about back-populating a flow.

Measure Flow Email Performance

Understanding how each email in your flow performs is critical to optimizing your email message, timing, and goals.

After clicking to view an individual flow, you’ll be able to see the following analytics for each flow email from the last 30 days:

  • The number of emails scheduled to send (those waiting to receive the email)
  • The number of emails delivered
  • The email open rate
  • The email click rate
  • How much money was raised by each email

You can click on this snapshot box to review even more in-depth performance data. Learn more here.

To get started on your potential donor welcome series, make sure you’ve integrated your donation platform and go to the Flows page in your account.

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