Send a Campaign to People Skipped by a List-Triggered Flow

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The main reason you would want to send a campaign to a group of people who were skipped by a list-triggered flow (for example, a welcome series) is if you have an existing flow, but a number of people were skipped by a flow email for some reason. Perhaps you initially had the wrong filters on the flow, or Smart Sending was on by mistake.

This guide will walk through how to build a segment of people who should have received a list-triggered flow and send them a campaign email. If you are instead interested in sending a campaign to people who were skipped by an event-triggered flow, like an abandoned cart or post-purchase, check out our guide on this topic.

If you would like to email people who qualified for the flow's conditions before you created the flow, you should instead back-populate the flow

Build a Segment of Contacts Skipped by a Flow

First, build a segment with conditions that exactly match the trigger and event filters of the flow. Then, add an AND condition stipulating that they have never received the flow email that they were skipped from. In the example below, we are trying to identify people who were skipped from receiving a welcome series email that was meant to only send to customers who have never purchased before five days after they sign up.


In this example, our flow is triggered by being added to our "Newsletter" list, and there is a five-day time delay between when they sign up and when they should receive the specific email. Because we don't want to identify people who were skipped by the entire flow -- just one specific email -- we can identify this email by the subject line rather than the name of the flow.

Save the Flow Email as a Template

Save a flow email as a template by first navigating to the Flows tab and selecting the appropriate flow. Then, click the email and choose Edit from the lefthand panel. Lastly, save the template by clicking the dropdown arrow beside the Edit Content button (not the button itself). You will be prompted to name and save your template.


Create a Campaign

Next, navigate to your Campaigns tab and create a new campaign. When configuring the campaign, select the segment of people who were skipped by the flow email. Make sure that Smart Sending is turned off.

On the next page, select Use Template and find the template you just saved.


Then, you can schedule the email to send immediately or at a later time.

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