Troubleshooting the Facebook Lead Ads Integration


I integrated with Facebook but I don't see my Facebook page on the dropdown menu.

The Facebook user who integrates with Klaviyo must have admin permissions on the associated Facebook Page in order for Lead Ads to work correctly. The only Facebook Pages available are those where the user has admin permissions. If you don't see the page you are looking for, then the user who integrated with Facebook doesn't have admin permissions.

I need to add a user as an admin to my Facebook Page

If you're having trouble viewing your Facebook Page in Klaviyo or its associated Lead Ad forms, check that you are an admin on that Facebook page.

Using Facebook Business Manager

  1. From your Business Manager click Business Settings and find your user on the Pages > People tab.
  2. Click into the user you want to modify. Set their role to the Page Admin.

Using Personal Facebook Account

  1. From your Personal Facebook Account, navigate to your Facebook page and click the Settings > Page Roles tab.
  2. Type the name of the user you want to add as an admin into the search box. Set the role to Admin and click Add.

After performing this update, you may need to navigate to your Klaviyo account > Integrations > Facebook, and click the Update Facebook Advertising Settings button.

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