Troubleshooting the Facebook Lead Ads Integration

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My lead ads are not syncing to Klaviyo

If your Facebook account is integrated with your Klaviyo account but you're not seeing your lead ad submissions properly sync to a list in your Klaviyo account, use the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Double check that you have connected a list in Klaviyo to a lead ad form. You can do this by clicking into the list and checking the list's Settings tab. Ensure that the form submissions you're seeing in Facebook were made to the lead ad form after the form was connected to your Klaviyo list.

  • Check that you have given Klaviyo full permissions to your Facebook page. Navigate to your Business Manager > Settings and click into Integrations >Leads Access. Select the Facebook page associated with your lead ad form, and check the CRM tab to ensure that Klaviyo's permissions are set to Access.


 The number of people in my Facebook custom audience does not match the number of people in my Klaviyo list.

When you sync a Klaviyo list or segment to a Facebook Custom Audience, a percentage of the email addresses you attempt to sync may not match with an existing Facebook account. Because of this, your Facebook Custom Audience size may be smaller than the linked list or segment in Klaviyo. Facebook will not return an error, but won’t add any contacts who have email addresses that don’t match to an existing Facebook account.

I integrated with Facebook but I don't see my Facebook page on the dropdown menu.

The Facebook user who integrates with Klaviyo must have admin permissions on the associated Facebook Page in order for Lead Ads to work correctly. The only Facebook Pages available are those where the user has admin permissions. If you don't see the page you are looking for, then the user who integrated with Facebook doesn't have admin permissions.

I need to add a user as an admin to my Facebook Page

If you're having trouble viewing your Facebook Page in Klaviyo or its associated Lead Ad forms, check that you are an admin on that Facebook page.

Using Facebook Business Manager

  1. From your Business Manager click Business Settings and find your user on the Pages > People tab.
  2. Click into the user you want to modify. Set their role to the Page Admin.

Using Personal Facebook Account

  1. From your Personal Facebook Account, navigate to your Facebook page and click the Settings > Page Roles tab.
  2. Type the name of the user you want to add as an admin into the search box. Set the role to Admin and click Add.

After performing this update, you may need to navigate to your Klaviyo account > Integrations > Facebook, and click the Update Facebook Advertising Settings button.

 Why am I getting an error message saying that the audience is too small on our Facebook Ad?

That error message means that you have fewer than 20 people in your Facebook Ads list. Facebook requires you to sync at least 20 people per list in order to advertise. If the list contains fewer than 20 people, Facebook will not allow you to advertise to a custom audience. If an email address is not found then the customer will not sync from Klaviyo to the Facebook list.

Facebook Lead Ads do not use the double opt-in feature. How do I create a double opt-in flow to remain GDPR compliant?

Since you cannot use Klaviyo's natural double opt-in for Facebook Lead Ads, your customers will automatically be added to the assigned List of the ad. To create your own double opt-in, have this List trigger a Flow. There are two options to collect opt-in confirmation: collect consent via a custom profile property or by subscribing to a secondary list.

Custom Profile Property:  Follow the steps in our article on Using Buttons in an Email to Collect Information About Your Recipients to add two buttons to your first flow email. These buttons could be "yes" or "no" and follow the question of "would you like to opt-in to receive marketing emails from our company?" These buttons should assign a custom profile property of "opt-in true" or "opt-in false." Whichever button your customer clicks, that property will be assigned to their profile. You can then use that custom profile property to exclude and filter out any customers that have "opt-in false" set on their profile.

Secondary List Confirmation: If you would rather assign the customers who opt-in to a secondary list, follow the steps in this document to find the link to a list's subscribe page: First, you'll need to Find the Subscribe Link for a List. Once you have the link, you can input it into your flow email and prompt customers who want to opt-in to click through a button or link to that subscribe page form. Your customers will then fill out this form and be added to the secondary list, signaling that they desire to receive marketing emails from your company. You can set this list to either single or double opt-in, whichever you prefer.

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