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Wed, Jan 24th at 2pm EST


Awesome campaign ideas and who to send them to. In this session we'll cover some great ideas for how to send campaigns, and we'll dig into how to use lists and segments to create the right audience to send your campaigns to.

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Wed, Jan 31st at 2pm EST


Join as as we cover the best practices for getting your emails to land in the inbox. Deliverability can be messy and complicated, but we’ll cover some simple rules you can follow to ensure your avoiding spam complaints, blocks and bounces, and reaching your customers instead.

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Wed, Feb 7th at 2pm EST

Adding Your Instagram Feed to Your Emails

If you've ever wanted to include some of your Instagram posts in your emails, then join us for office hours this week. We'll show you how to directly reference specific posts, and how to set up a dynamic block that pulls in your recent posts.

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