Use Facebook Lead Ads to Build Your Audience

Klaviyo's Facebook Advertising Integration

Klaviyo's Facebook Advertising integration provides an effective way to capture email addresses through Facebook Lead Ad Forms and sync them directly to a marketing list in Klaviyo.


With Klaviyo's Facebook Advertising integration, you can better utilize the powerful interest and demographic data on Facebook to target existing customers, find new customers, and move prospective customers into action with targeted offers.

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Check out Facebook's Lead Ads page for more information.

Get New Leads that Look Like Your Best Leads

In Klaviyo, you can create a segment of what you'd consider "VIP" customers or otherwise engaged subscribers. You can build this segment based on different criteria, such as:

  • Website Activity: Use "Active on Site" and "Viewed Product" metrics to segment frequent site visitors
  • Purchase Behavior: Use a "Placed Order" metric, and apply a frequency and/or a timeframe filter, to capture loyal customers (for example, everyone that has placed at least 2 orders in the last 6 weeks)
  • Lifetime Value: Use the "Revenue" metric to segment those that have purchased over a certain amount over all time

Once you segment these most loyal customers, you can use Klaviyo's Custom Audiences sync to automatically turn this segment into a custom advertising audience in Facebook. With the click of a button, you'll initiate a 1:1 sync between your segment in Klaviyo and this custom audience in Facebook. As new people meet the segment's conditions, they will start getting targeted in Facebook. If anyone stops meeting the segment's conditions, we'll automatically remove them from your custom audience so you don't waste ad dollars.

Once you have a new custom audience syncing from Klaviyo, you can launch look-alike campaigns to try to find new customers with similar interests and attributes. Target this look-alike audience with the same introductory offer you would run on your website, except in order to receive it, all they need to do is fill out the form attached to your Lead Ad on Facebook.

Now you're really in business -- advertising to existing customers to encourage repeat purchases, and running campaigns to target new leads that have similar attributes to those already engaged with your brand.

From here, when these new leads come into Klaviyo through your Lead Ad, you can trigger a targeted welcome series flow to get these new prospective customers to use their offer.

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